Awkward(Harrys Styles fanfic)

Allison was known as the awkward girl in your math class. She is constantly picked on by the jocks and cheerleader, thanks to her brother Niall. She cant wait til the school year is over so she can go to music camp to do her passion which is singing, but what happens when Harry Styles, the school's star quarter back, is there too. Will he turn her summer into a living hell or a summer to remember?
*I'm also going to upload this on wattpad so if you happen to stumble upon it, it is not being copied.*


4. Chapter 4.

      Harry's POV

"So are you really taking that loser to prom?" Niall asked taking my sandwhich from my plate. I pushed my tray closer to him scince I knew he was going to eat it all anyway.


"Yes!" Britney interupted me.

"Why?' Zayn asked disgusted. I began to answer but Britney did it for me.....again.

"Well, because it's all a plan to humiliate Ally, you don't actually think HARRY would go with such a loser! All of you have to vote for Ally and Harry for prom king and queen, so when they win and go up on stage Harry will admit in front of the whole school that it was just a prank, so spread the word!!" Britney said clapping her hands together.

"But 'Awkward Ally' would still be going to prom with Harry......and she would still win prom I don't see how that is really 'humiliating her'." Liam said, everyone kind of nodded thier heads agreeing

"Just trust me it will work, Harry will make it extra heart breaking. Won't you Harry?" Britney hugged on my arm. I nodded slowly, I wasnt really on board with this. Sure I wasn't the nicest person in the world.....but I wasnt cruel, and maybe I should get to know Alex a little better.....I mean Ally not Alex. Okay so getting to know her wasn't off to a good start considering I couldn't even remember her name.

      Allison's POV

"No way!" Cindy shouted.

"Yes way, I'm going to prom with HARRY STYLES!" I said with a mouth full of food.

"Great, now I'm the only one without a date to the prom." Fat Patricia sighed.

"Oh dont worry Patricia....fat Patricia....there is someone for everyone. Isn't that right Andy!" Cindy swung her pigtails and turned to Andy who has been silet the whole time.

"Yep........" He trailed off avoiding eye contact with her, he clearly wasn't to stoked to go to prom with her.

"So how did you guys become a 'thing'?" I asked curious to know more.

"Oh well, it was love at first sight!" Cindy said batting her eyelashes.

"Our parents set it up..." Andy quickly stated looking off to the side.

"Same thing!" Cindy smiled.


      I got off the bus and walked in the front door, slung my book bag on the couch, and headed to the kitchen......Niall followed close behind.

"Harry." Niall said sitting down at the table and shoving his mouth with chips.

"Excuse me?" I aksed opening the fridge and scanning it.

"You know what I'm talking about." He smirked getting up from the table and heading up the stairs, still shoveling chips in his mouth.


"Hey honey, how is my lesbian daughter doing?" She sat down on my bed.
"Mom, I already told you, I'm straight!" I don't know why she thought I was lesbian.....maybe it was the fact that I never had a boyfriend....unless you count the time when I did have one but it ended up being a girl, and my first physical contact with an actual 'boy' was just last week with Rider. I decided this would be the perfect time to tell her about my prom date.

"Yea, as straight as a circle...." She mumbled to herself. I was just going to let that comment slide, I knew she would change her mind once she knew.

", I have a date to the prom!" I said excitedly waiting for her reaction.
"Who is it, fat Patricia?" she said scrolling through her phone, clearly not impressed.

"I kind of had a feeling she was lez too." She bit her lip and glanced at the cieling.

", it's Harry Styles." Now I was excited for her reaction. She stared at me for awhile.....with a blank emotionless face....

"HAHAHAHAHAH, okay sweet heart what ever you say. No, but really who is it, it's fat Patricia right?" Okay, so that was not exactly what I was hoping for.

"She is telling the truth." Niall said leaning against my door frame. Mom looked at Niall.....then back at me in shock.

"OMG, we have to pick out a dress!!!!!!!! Come on lets go get your dad's credit card!" She screamed awkwardly running down stairs because she had such high heels.





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