Awkward(Harrys Styles fanfic)

Allison was known as the awkward girl in your math class. She is constantly picked on by the jocks and cheerleader, thanks to her brother Niall. She cant wait til the school year is over so she can go to music camp to do her passion which is singing, but what happens when Harry Styles, the school's star quarter back, is there too. Will he turn her summer into a living hell or a summer to remember?
*I'm also going to upload this on wattpad so if you happen to stumble upon it, it is not being copied.*


12. Chapter 12.

            Rider's POV

                                 I sat in a small meadow near the boys side of the camp, picking the petals off of flowers. I thought about that night, the night I kissed Ally...and then how she kissed Harry shortly after. Out of all guys how could she kiss my worst enemy?! Everyone knows I don't like him....and that he doesn't like me, but everyone thinks it's all because of what happened with Britney once.....but there was so much more to the story. I guess what happened to me wasn't exactly his fault and what happened to him wasn't exactly my fault either, we just found it easier to take the anger out on each other, blame each other, even though both us had no right to.

"Rider?" Ally cautiously walked over to me and sat down, I didn't bother looking at her I just kept picking the flowers.

"Can I explain....." She said calmly.

"Why not." I smiled sarcastically.

She took a deep breathe, "Okay so after we kissed I saw Harry and I didn't want anything to happen so that's why I suggested you go back to your dorm, then I talked to Harry and stuff and he explained about prom night and all and....and. I was just caught in the moment but....." She said it all without taking a single breathe in between her words.

"But what!?" I eagerly urged her on.

"I don't know I think I kind of liked it more" She took sudden interest in a ladybug that sat on a leaf, avoiding my eyes that stared at her questioningly.

"So you think we try to be together?" She asked scratching the back of her neck, I could hear the shakiness in her voice.

"Ally.....I just don't will work out you know?" She nodded her head, the hurt shown clearly on her face, she gave me one last smile before turning her back to me and walking off.

                      I angrily threw the flower on the ground that I twisted in my hand. Why did I reject her? I actually did sort of fancy her....but I just don't think I would be able to compete with Harry, he was sure to try and interfere.


         Anger and the feeling of being rejected swept over my body as I walked away from Rider, but more anger than pain since I was used to being rejected by guys...if you couldn't have guessed. But how can you kiss someone one day and then just reject them the next?! Oh wait he is Rider Collins, attractive, rich, and had a way with the female kind, of course he can, how could I be so stupid. Because that's how boys like him get to live their life, but at least this way it would be easier, I wouldn't be stuck between Rider and's just Harry now. I made my way around campus looking for him, he wouldn't be in the cafeteria because lunch was over now, but where could he be. *Ding* A light went off in my head, maybe he was where we first swapped spit, down by the lake. I rushed over there, following the familiar path that Rider and I had walked on.

"Haha." I heard Harry's voice laugh behind a thicket of trees and bushes, so he is here. I composed myself, flattening my hair with my hands to tuck away any loose strands, smoothed out my clothing, and swept my pointer finger under my eye to pick up any fallen make up.

"Harry-" I first started off with a huge smile on my face but it quickly turned into the frowniest of all frowns as I watched him kiss another girl...the exact same spot where I kissed him.

                                                                                      *So who do you want Ally to be with, Rider or Harry? Leave it in the comments, I would really like to know xXx*

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