Awkward(Harrys Styles fanfic)

Allison was known as the awkward girl in your math class. She is constantly picked on by the jocks and cheerleader, thanks to her brother Niall. She cant wait til the school year is over so she can go to music camp to do her passion which is singing, but what happens when Harry Styles, the school's star quarter back, is there too. Will he turn her summer into a living hell or a summer to remember?
*I'm also going to upload this on wattpad so if you happen to stumble upon it, it is not being copied.*


11. Chapter 11.

      Ally's POV

                       *Beep Beep* I leaned over and turned off my alarm clock. I rested my head back on the pillow, gazing up at the ceiling. I felt uneasy as I remembered the feeling I got when I received the news of Rider's death, but of course it was just a dream. Unfortunately being out past curfew didn't go unpunished, Harry and I were suspended from any camp activities and he was removed from my group. Which I guess was a good thing, both of them being in the same general area was not a good atmosphere...and don't forget about me, I always seemed to make everything worse.

"Are you gonna get ready? Breakfast starts in thirty minutes, you don't want to be late, all the good food will be gone." Maleya said leaning against the frame of the door brushing her teeth, she still wore her frog pajamas.

"Yea, in a minute Miss. Froggy." I teased, she rolled her eyes before shuffling back to the bathroom.

                   I sat up in the bed, streams of light poured through the slightly opened blinds. I went over to my dresser and pulled out a pair of capris and a pink top with my black converse. I looked myself in the mirror, practicing my smile for when I saw Rider... or Harry. Which ever one first. I put my hair in a side braid and joined Maleya in the bathroom to brush my teeth.


      I sat down at my usual table with Rider, myself, Maleya and her group, and H-....wait, where is Harry.

"Sorry I'm late...I had business to take care of..." Harry plopped himself down taking an angry glance over at Rider who wore a smug grin. He wasn't aware of what happened between me and Harry last night, and I prayed he wouldn't find out. First I kissed Rider...then I made out with Harry...I wonder if this meant we were a couple...but that would mean I would be dating two guys at the same not...good.

"Hey Harry." A girl I recognized as Kiley winked at him before taking the seat next to me.

".....Hi." Harry said, flashing a quick smile.
"Now that you are in my group I thought we could get to know each other a little better." She smiled, showing a row of perfectly straight teeth.

"Good idea....." Harry seemed off at her presence....but I'm sure it was nothing.

           Harry's POV

"Harry, you're on her team? I thought you were on Ally's." Maleya asked, shoveling her mouth with bacon.

"Oh well he was until he got caught making out with Ally so he is no longer they put him with me." Kiley chimed in. I choked on the food in mouth, surprised at the words that came out of her mouth. Everyone else seemed just as shocked as I was, but the look on Rider's face was priceless. But I was very nervous at her presence, I didn't want her so close to Ally. She might tell Ally about the make out session we had this morning, I just got Ally back and I don't want to lose her again. But nothing was never made official so it wasn't like I was 'cheating'.
          Ally's POV

                            A lump formed in my throat, I couldn't believe what she just said. Who was she and how did she even know and why was it her business to tell. I tried to study Rider's face to find out what he was thinking, but it was unreadable.

"Is this true?" Rider's voice filled with disbelief.

"Funny story actually...." I scratched the back of my head awkwardly. Rider gave me a sarcastic smile before getting up from the table and leaving the cafeteria.

"Just let me explain!" I pleaded. I called after him. But I'm not even sure if he heard me, and even if he did he ignored me. I felt like a terrible person. I should just pick one guy and stick with it. But being my awkward self I never had any 'boy' experience, I'm not sure how to handle myself in these situations.

"Well that escalated quickly..." Harry said taking a big gulp of his drink. I rolled my eyes, not amused with his joke. I got up from the table and left, I would much rather be in my room watching chick-flicks and eating whole tubs of Ben and Jerry's ice-cream at the moment.


                                           *The whole thing with Rider dying was just a dream, just in case there was any confusion. Ally really did kiss Rider and Harry, but Rider did not die. Any further confusion just ask me in the comments and I will be glad to answer.*



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