Awkward(Harrys Styles fanfic)

Allison was known as the awkward girl in your math class. She is constantly picked on by the jocks and cheerleader, thanks to her brother Niall. She cant wait til the school year is over so she can go to music camp to do her passion which is singing, but what happens when Harry Styles, the school's star quarter back, is there too. Will he turn her summer into a living hell or a summer to remember?
*I'm also going to upload this on wattpad so if you happen to stumble upon it, it is not being copied.*


10. Chapter 10.

       Ally's POV

                         Harry and I sat in Mr. Pats office after one of the staff members ratted us out. Luckily Mr. Pat wasn't available to see us right when it happened so we had time to get our story straight.....well there wasn't really anything to get straight. Basically I went out to talk to Rider when I found Harry...or Harry found me, and decided to make out....story of my life. Harry was fiddling with his thumbs while I awkwardly twisted my hair, and Mr. Pat leaned back in his chair and stared at us intently.

"Do you want to tell me why you are here." Mr. Pat said, leaning forward.

"Because we were out past curfew?" Harry answered.

"Wrong!" Mr. Pat pointed at him with his pen that he waved around in his hand.

"Because we were making out and PDA isn't aloud?" I chimed in.

"Wrong again!" He swiveled around to me and did the same, waving his pen in my personal bubble.

"You two are here because you are murderers!" He stood up in his chair, pointing the pen back in forth between us.

'What!" We both shouted simultaneously.

"Haha, I'm just kidding, calm your panties." He chuckled sitting back down in his chair. I eased a little, he was such an unprofessional principal...if considered a principal at all.

"No but I'm serious." His mouth coming into a straight line, becoming unreadable. I waited for him to start laughing and say he was joking.....but it didn't happen. *Click* I heard the door latch, I turned around to see police officers standing on either side of the door.

"Ally....what's going on..." Harry asked. I just gave him a worried look before facing Mr. Pat again.

"Do you know this kid?" He slapped down a picture of Rider on his desk.

"....Yea....that's Rider?" I answered pointing at his face.

" were the last one seen with him..... You were with him last night weren't unknown source tells us?"

"Y-yes..." I was on the verge of crying, how could Rider be gone, maybe if I hadn't left him alone he wouldn't have died!

"I don't understand how if you were with him, that you didn't die that night to."

"Well.....Rider and I were walking together, then I saw Harry and told Rider to go back to his dorm. And that was the last I saw of him..." My voice shaky, I feared that if I cried that they might think I'm guilty.

"And Harry what were you doing out when she found them." Harry fell could feel the tension in the room and a lump began to form in my throat.

"Following them...." He finally spoke.

"We have enough information." One of the officers said and they both left the room.

"You both know I'm going to have to expel you."

"Wha-what. Why?" I whined, everything went from good to bad to good, to bad again.

"Well you broke the rules and the fact that you are suspects of a serious crime......we just can't have that kind of publicity here. If word gets around that one of our students was shot...and another two were the possible causes we will lose money. We already called your parents and there on there way to come pick you up."

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