It's in your DNA

Alli is not like every other girl. Well if you count dedicating your life to tumblr and twitter with fan accounts then you could say she is normal. What happens when the one and only Harry Styles goes to her school to finish up? Will sparks fly? Or well they just stay friends?


1. Prologue

                Well mother hubber, was the first thing that registered through my mind when I entered the cafeteria. I looked down at the green mess that sat on top of my top. Groaning I threw my head back, turning on my heel I briskly walked away before I could become an even more laughing stock of the whole 11th grade. Walking down the deserted hallways I flicked off the green mush slowly but surely.

                “It’s because I’m ugly isn’t it?” I mumbled to myself. This is what I get being the socially awkward teenage girl at my school. I mean when you have tumblrs and twitter accounts dedicated to boy bands/ singers that don’t know of you existence? Yeah you’re going to get hate. Turning the corner I saw my locker. Smiling I quickened my pace, but froze in my tracks when I saw who was standing at the end of the hallway. He has a very attractive back. I must sound like a total creeper right now but that’s okay, because these are my thoughts and my thoughts only. I gave a content smile to myself. Before I could even take a step closer he whipped around. His green eyes locking with mine. It only took those eyes for me to register who it was. And just like that, I passed out.

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