The Chosen Ones

Only a selected few has supernatural abilities chosen by God; Lisa is one of them. Lisa wakes up to a whole new world, from the year 2013 to the year 2053, 50 years later. How can one normal night change so drastically? Everyone seems to not notice or don’t even remember what happened; only Lisa and the others aren’t affected by whoever is behind this. Can Lisa and the others fix everything? [this is for the Sci-fi comp]


3. Training Room

They walk into an underground tunnel. For the whole way, the guy introduced himself as Gabe and told Lisa that there are others just like them and that they are going to end this once and for all. Lisa didn’t really believe what he said but had to accept it because she also wants to get things back to normal.


After a few minutes, they arrived at a big foyer. There is no one in sight. The room is filled with three black ivy couches, a giant flat screen TV, a few decorations here and there. There is a spiral staircase in the middle of the room. On one wall, there is a dart board with Dr. Higgins’ face on it and 3 darts shot right on one of his eyes.


“YO GUYS, SHE’S HERE” shouted Gabe. In less than a second, a guy with spiky hair appeared in front of Lisa, and almost made her go out of balance. “oh sorry love, I’m Joey, I’m the fast one” he said shaking her hand. Then can a tall dark blonde hair guy and a brown haired girl; Allen and Harriet. They introduced themselves and explained about their powers. Allen can manipulate electricity; he can hack into computers and see through security cameras. Harriet can use threads to do whatever she wants; the threads aren’t regular threads, is it almost invisible to the naked eye and it can not be broken by sharp objects.


Gabe took out a map of the whole city and another map of the underground tunnels that they found. Allen had drawn the map of what it looks like in the year of 2213. They explain to Lisa about their plan and how they want to get Dr. Higgins alone. Harriet told them that this might take more than one night but they will try their best.


Allen told each and every one of them what their job is to do, since he knows the place. They will strike the tower at 8 o’clock tonight.


“oh by the way, you need a wardrobe make-over, come to my room and we’ll see what fits you” said Harriet




An hour later, they take Lisa to their training room, built by Gabe himself.


“alright, let’s see how good you are” said Allen. Lisa walks into the white room. A while robot appears in front of her. Lisa took a few seconds to examine the robot. “you have to defeat this robot, ready? Go” said Gabe, through the intercom


Her right leg kicks the air and the robot splits into two.


“nicely done, you took 0.36 seconds. You beat Joey by 0.03 seconds, congrats” said Allen. “what? no way, you must have recorded it wrong” said Joey through the intercom. “anyways the next level is much harder, now we can see how you do and think, you can use all the elements” said Gabe. The room now changes into an open field where Lisa is surrounded by an army wearing hi-tech gloves and a man who leads the army.


“you’re task is to kill or knock all of them unconscious and isolate the leader” said Harriet “if you can’t handle this, we will stop the training, kk?” Lisa nodded. She stomps on the floor and creates quick mud under the army’s feet. Some were lucky to escape. When they are almost to their necks, she manipulates the air and the mud hardens. She stomps the floor again, some of the people thought she’s doing the same trick and jumps out of the way. Lisa chuckled at the sight. She stomp the floor again and a big chunk of the floor rocks surface and she shot the rocks at them. Some tried to use the gloves and stopped it from going closer.


About 20 minutes later, Lisa has killed all the people except the leader. The leader is terrified. He tries to use the glove to shoot at her but she uses counter strike by either lighting the bullet in flames or by kicking it away using her air manipulation. Lisa used her exploding rocks to distract the leader and has already run behind him.


“checkmate” she said smirking

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