The Chosen Ones

Only a selected few has supernatural abilities chosen by God; Lisa is one of them. Lisa wakes up to a whole new world, from the year 2013 to the year 2053, 50 years later. How can one normal night change so drastically? Everyone seems to not notice or don’t even remember what happened; only Lisa and the others aren’t affected by whoever is behind this. Can Lisa and the others fix everything? [this is for the Sci-fi comp]


4. Meet Dr. Higgins

“oh crap, it’s almost 4 o’clock, we have to leave” said Allen. “oh yea, Lisa, we’re going to go up to the surface for a while and come back down, we’ll explain it on the way up” said Gabe. The group takes Lisa to the surface. They tell her that every 4 o’clock, Dr. Higgins and his gang do a round around the city and they check if anyone should be in the right place. Joey runs ahead to check if they are safe to head out.


They arrived at the surface and joined the crowd of people on the side walk without anyone noticing. A few minutes later, a group of glove users barricade the citizens to not let them onto the road. Lisa recognizes the gloves. She had just been introduced to it. Two police motorcycle drive by Lisa and the others followed by one police car and followed by what seems to look like Dr. Higgins’ car. Dr. Higgins sits on top of the hovering car. Everyone who he passes by bows down at him. And so Gabe, Allen, Harriet, Joey and Lisa bowed and blends in with the crowd. This is the only way not to get caught and not to look suspicious.


While everyone is bowing down to Dr. Higgins, some glove users who no one sees, crash in to people’s houses and apartments to check if everyone is out of their house. They put the place back to normal as if no one had ever gone into the house. Only Allen, Harriet, Joey and Gabe know that so that is why they are being safe and cautious. All of a sudden, a glove user came out to the road dragging a man in his 60s. The guard whispered something to Dr. Higgins. Then the guard heaves the man into the car. What is he going to do with the poor man?


A while later, Lisa and the others are back in their hideout. “What is Dr. Higgins going to do with the old man?” asks Lisa. “he will be sent to District 4” answered Gabe. “it is rumored that the people who are sent there are forced to work in the machinery factories. They have to make the weapons for Dr. Higgins’ men. The gloves are one of the weapons made by the people.” Lisa has already figured out what the gloves do from her training session.

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