The Chosen Ones

Only a selected few has supernatural abilities chosen by God; Lisa is one of them. Lisa wakes up to a whole new world, from the year 2013 to the year 2053, 50 years later. How can one normal night change so drastically? Everyone seems to not notice or don’t even remember what happened; only Lisa and the others aren’t affected by whoever is behind this. Can Lisa and the others fix everything? [this is for the Sci-fi comp]


5. It's Time

At 7:50pm, they got out the weapons that they need to stop Dr. Higgins. Gabe introduces his awesome hovering car to Lisa. “it’s a one of a kind” says Allen. They all get into the car and heads out underground. They arrive under the tower at precisely 8 o’clock. Gabe presses a button and the car shrinks to pocket size.


Joey run off. Lisa spotted a camera and tells Allen. He then touches the wall and the camera shuts off. The alarm suddenly went off. “what? I just turned off their sensors. How is this happening?” said Allen. Within 2 seconds, an army of glove users surrounded them. “what should we do?” ask Harriet “theres too many”. A guard came forward with Joey all tied up. Great, Joey got caught, now what? Gabe signaled us to stand down.


The army of glove users lead them to Dr. Higgins’ room. There are so many glove users that they couldn’t see Dr. Higgins. All they could hear is whispering and mumbling. “Alright, let me see them” said Dr. Higgins. The glove users in front of them moved out the way.


“what? They’re only little kids. Escort them back home.” said Dr. Higgins. “but sir…” said the guard. While the guard explains things to Dr. Higgins, Lisa searched the air to find if some kind of machine that will change everything back to normal is in the room. Finally she finds the machine; it is located 4 rooms ahead. Lisa signals Gabe and mouths what she wants him to hear. Gabe understands and signals the rest to attack. Joey runs off with Allen in a flash, leaving Gabe, Lisa and Harriet to fight the gloved men.


“what are you waiting for? Attack!” shouted Dr. Higgins. Harriet takes out her bell and quickly did something no one saw and the glove men couldn’t move. Gabe manipulates the metals inside the gloves to shrink. They all cry for help and pain since their hands are getting squeeze tighter and tighter. Lisa manipulates the air and brings Dr. Higgins off the ground, she also surrounds him with her famous blue fire.


Joey came running and stops at the door, noticing the almost invisible thread placed all over the room. “we need help, he doesn’t know how to turn it off” he said. Dr. Higgins laughs. Gabe manipulated the metal into knives and moves it in front of Dr. Higgins.


“tell us how to stop the machine or I’ll let you die a slow and painful death.” said Gabe trying to threaten Dr. Higgins. Dr. Higgins ignored the threat. “I’ll go check it out” said Lisa. Lisa walked out of the room with Joey to where Allen is. The blue fire around Dr. Higgins stays where it is and he is still in mid-air. She is still concentrated on her abilities to keep it there so that he wouldn’t plan to escape.


She comes back running. “I couldn’t figure it out, and I think I accidentally pressed the self-destruct button” she said with a worried face. “you did what?” said Harriet.


This tower will self-destruct in 10 minutes. I repeat. This tower will self-destruct in 10 minutes. A woman voice said and the tower starts to shake. A loud beep noise starts to occur.


“well Dr. Higgins, we can all die with you. If you change it back to the year 2013, we might let you go” said Gabe. “alright, alright, I’ll change it back to the year 2013” sighed Dr. Higgins. Lisa slowly moved him to where Allen is. “don’t you do anything stupid” said Joey. Dr. Higgins starts to unwind the problems. He actually did what they asked him to do. He set the timer to 2013.


“ok, I set it back to the year 2013. Now let me go” he said. “whoa, hold up, who said we will let you go?” asked Allen “you said if I change it back, you will let me go” said Dr. Higgins. “no I didn’t, I said we MIGHT let you go” said Gabe. Allen took out a high-tech hand-cuff and a neck cuff. The neck cuff did something to Dr. Higgins’ brain and made him dumb.


While heading back to the hideout, something very white come before Lisa’s eyes so she tried to cover her eyes.

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