The Chosen Ones

Only a selected few has supernatural abilities chosen by God; Lisa is one of them. Lisa wakes up to a whole new world, from the year 2013 to the year 2053, 50 years later. How can one normal night change so drastically? Everyone seems to not notice or don’t even remember what happened; only Lisa and the others aren’t affected by whoever is behind this. Can Lisa and the others fix everything? [this is for the Sci-fi comp]


6. Back To Reality

Beep Beep Beep, goes her alarm. Lisa wakes up and sits upright. What? Where is everyone? Was that only a dream? She gets change and goes downstairs. She looks at the TV screen and sees that it is March 26, 2013. Oh, it is back to normal. Oh sh!t, I have school. Lisa rushes back to her room and changes into her school uniform. As she leaves the house, she goes and grabs a granola bar to eat on her way to school.


At school, Lisa met up with her friends before school starts. While one of her friends is talking, she saw Joey hanging out with the jocks, then a while later, she saw Harriet hanging out with the cheerleaders. They both look in Lisa’s direction and wink at her. In the beginning of English class, Gabe and Allen walk past Lisa and they both secretly give her a note, it read:


Hey Lisa, we had a lot of fun saving the world. As I have told you before, us 5 are the chosen ones by God, we’re the only ones who have special abilities. We’re also the only ones who knew what happened.  If there’s anything trouble going on, it is up to us to save the world. But for now, we can’t be seen hanging out, sorry. Anyways, I’m glad that we met. We will see each other some time in the future and save the world again together as the…fantastic 5? Nevermind, that was lame. Anyways, cya. ~Gabe.


Lisa folds up the note and smiles to herself.



The End.


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