The Chosen Ones

Only a selected few has supernatural abilities chosen by God; Lisa is one of them. Lisa wakes up to a whole new world, from the year 2013 to the year 2053, 50 years later. How can one normal night change so drastically? Everyone seems to not notice or don’t even remember what happened; only Lisa and the others aren’t affected by whoever is behind this. Can Lisa and the others fix everything? [this is for the Sci-fi comp]


1. A New World

Lisa's POV-

What an awful sound, whoever it is, shut up. She takes her pillow and uses it to cover her ears. Still, the sound grows louder and louder as if it is right next to her. After a few minutes she screams, opens one eye and sits upright.


Pale purple shades fill the room, many stuffed animals staring at her on the other side of the room. Lisa is about the drift off the sleep when the sound of Midnight Red’s Hell Yeah starting to play. Damn you alarm. She gets out of bed and walks downstairs into the kitchen with her pajamas on. She searches and searches but there isn’t any milk in the fridge. Then after a minute, she realizes that she hasn’t seen any of the food lying in the fridge, it is all alien to her. Then she looked around and noticed that the living room is different, but doesn’t know exactly what.


She opens the curtains and blinks, then blinks a few more times. Where are all the cars? She looks up at the sky and sees cars flying and hovering in the air. She is so confused. She looked at the advertisement sign in front of her house and noticed the year printed on it, it says: March 25, 2053.


“WHAT?!” Lisa screams. She quickly turns on the TV to see what is happening. After a few minutes of watching the TV, Lisa finally catches on what is going on. Over night something happened and made Dr. Higgins, whoever he is, the ruler of this world. Whoever rebels against him will be sent to District 4 to be punished.


Lisa decides to go outside to explore and hopefully not get caught. She wonders around the new world of 2053. Everything has changed; everyone is living in fear and pain. The people walking past Lisa had never given any eye contact whatsoever. They all walk to their destinations with their heads down and not making any subtle move. She walks into a dark alley and saw a guy around her age sitting on the floor. Lisa accidentally steps on a twig.


“who’s there?” said the guy with floating knives around him. Lisa, without thinking, makes a few blue fire balls appear around her to protect herself. He looks her way and lowers the knives, and so did Lisa. “good I’ve found you, you’re the girl who can manipulate the four elements. Me and the others are waiting for you. Come this way” he said leading Lisa into a hidden door.

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