second chance

this is a story about, a girl who fell inlove with a boy who she really loved, but then that boy had to break up with her, and after 3 years they meet again, the girl gave him the second chance, will the boy ruin that chance or will they stay happy? read and find out


13. stupid actions


  i woke up, and sat down on my bed, remembering our date, remembering ,remembering, then


it it's me ,what i did to zayn, me being all sexy and shit, what have i done? 


i am now hitting myself with a pillow, and banging my head at the wall, then back to the bed,


i, i ,i gotta call zayn, i found my phone and called zayn


"hey" Zayn answered a little sleepy

"um did i wake you up?"

"no, not at all"

"umm, zayn sorry about last night, sorry about my stupid stupid actions" i said hitting myself

"it's ok, i kinda enjoyed it"

"funny funny"

"ok zaynie, bye bye" before he could say anything i ended our small convo


i took a shower and got dressed in a baggy shirt, and skinny jeans, and a blue hoodie,


i went to the park, to walk around, and be free like a baby bird


i was walking down the pathway, when i heard screaming girls saying "OH MY GOSH IT'S ONE DIRECTION"

then i suddenly shout to my self "OH MY GOSH WE GOTTA RUN" the i started walking at the opposite  way then just my luck 

one of them saw me, great just great


"hey SHY, SHY WAIT FOR US" Louis shouted, so i just walked a little faster, then once again, 




i accidentally hit a fucking tree, where did that tree came from? i asked my self


then the boys came, and was about to help me up, but i shot myself up, and turned around


"you okay?" Harry asked

"did you get hurt?" Naill asked

"why did you run" Liam asked

"umm, why are we playing 20 questions?" i asked annoyed , now mentally jumping of a cliff

"you seriously say that to yourself" Zayn asked out of now where

"yes, and where did you came from?" i aske being all sassy now

"i don't know the hotel?"

"good point malik"


then we all just stared at each other, for a good 3 minutes , nobody talking, just staring


"so , i gotta go i have no time to play staring contest" i said and walked as fast as i can, cause i really walk fast

"BYE GUYS" i shouted at them



i stopped walking, and walked backwards, turned around

"so your treat?" i asked lifting one eyebrow

"umm, yeah" Harry said

i looked up,then down left and right

"ok, as long as i'm not paying anything, and how can i say no to free food?" i started walking again and said "i'll be at the hotel at 1 " 


i got ready and got my phone drawing pad, and head phones, and last wallet, and keys


i was on my way to the hotel,when i saw 2 butterflies beside me, well small fact i'm afraid of butterflies, so i was really close 

so i ran, and screamed "ahh butterflies!" and bumped into some one, who i think was smoking, i hugged him, and hid behind him, well he hugged back and said "it's alright the butterflies are gone now" he said in a very familiar tone, then it hits me  it was Zayn


then again stupid actions won


"uhh, thanks, Zayn" i un-hugged him and fixed my shirt

"i never knew you were scared of butterflies, "

"it's because i never told you when we were dating it's called Lepidopterophobia ," 


i looked down and looked at Zayn's brown eyes, now i'm melting inside

"there's a lot of things you don't know about me, Zayn, i mean a lot" i whispered but loud enough so he could hear it, i looked up, and took the cigarette from his hand and drop it on the ground 

"don't smoke it's bad, brad ford bad boy" and i turned around to go to the hotel's resto


i found the boy's doing..... well i really don't know what their doing.. but any ways as i was staring at them, i realized i haven't cut since the day that Liam found me, and i think i was happy about that, i didn't realize i was standing for so long, and holding a chair ,until i felt all eyes staring at me, then i snap out of my thoughts, and looked at them 


"WHAT?" i said and sat down

got my sketch pad and decided to draw, a broken heart with head phones on it, and i made the scars of the heart realistic, just like the one on my left hand my tattoo, that nobody notices, i actually have 7 tattoo's one broken heart tattoo, left side neck(back) , second the word's FAITH LEFT SIDE OF MY CURVE ( don't know what's it's called ) Third the word's LOVE but right side, fourth is the broken heart and head phones,fifth is a small heart tattoo next to my fourth one, the on my wrist right side written :LOVE ME FOR ME:LOVE ME FOR WHO I AM  so that's considered as my sixth and seventh tattoo


but then again nobody notices it, cause i'm awesome

.. yey me


i hid my sketch pad, and looked at the ceiling


"hey did you know that Shy is afraid of butterflies" Zayn said out of now where

well why does he need to bring that out? 

"no, i don't even know that that there is a person that is scared of butterflies"Harry said

"well, you are meeting one now, i said it's just like Liam's case his afriad of spoons, while i'm afraid of butter flies it's called a 

Lepidopterophobia got it"


they nodded and we ate our lunch and talk about the randomest things, like why the color blue is called blue, why the color of the tree's are green and not purple, and more random things, and they asked me if i was still cutting, well i was hapy they remembered, that's actually sweet,


we ate and talk, and walk, and actually sing there, and here, and act random,

hey atleast we have fun






                                                                              SHOULD I CONTINUE?


                                                                                           YES OR NO?


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