second chance

this is a story about, a girl who fell inlove with a boy who she really loved, but then that boy had to break up with her, and after 3 years they meet again, the girl gave him the second chance, will the boy ruin that chance or will they stay happy? read and find out


2. meeting

i sat next to Nicole

"ohh hey Adri" Nicole said to me with a sweet smile

'hey, Nic" i said and gave her a smile

"what you did at the music room was amazing, so who gave you and idea to join our club?

"thanks, and Zayn said, i can try it, so i did"

i played with my fingers then or teacher came, or i think it's a teacher

"Mr.Hunterrrrr, we have a new member" Cher said in a singy voice and gave me a smile

"ohh yes, let me see who it is" he finally saw me and motioned me to come up

 and i did

"what's you name you lady?"

"Shy Adrianne" i said shyly

"well that name fits you , well Shy"

"LIAR, she is not shy, she's very talkative" Niall said standing up, i chuckled and looked at him

"any way, can you sing?"

"ummm, yeah, i sing "

"then let's hear it."

i was thinking of a song then some one said "STOP, she doesn't need to prove any thing,here i have a video of her singing, a while ago ' it was Amanda

"you video'd my "performance"? i asked 

"yup, and i posted it in you tube" she said

"oh okay"

"let me watch it" Mr.Hunter said, Amanda let Mr.Hunter watch the video, and he looked amazed, i think,

"okay ,you were good, i do have one question, why did you go to school here?" he asked ad then all eyes were on me

"first of all, i feel like i'm in prison, wow, well. my parents is now working here, and they said so i could bring or show my talents to people, cause back in america  i was , the shy one, na di never showed my talent, but here it's my first day and i'm already showing alot" i said with a smile

"ohh okay, then , do you have siblings?"

"yup, i have one his my older bother "

"okay then. then class dismissed for now. now go, " Mr.Hunter said

that was fast i thought to my self,

i walked out of the school and Zayn caught up with me,  

"can i join you?"he simply asked

i nodded, and made a silly face at him, cause he was always so serious , then he laughed, i laughed also

"there you go your smile, i finally saw it " i said

we walked for about 5 minutes and i said bye to him, and he just lived 3 blocks away from me. 


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