second chance

this is a story about, a girl who fell inlove with a boy who she really loved, but then that boy had to break up with her, and after 3 years they meet again, the girl gave him the second chance, will the boy ruin that chance or will they stay happy? read and find out


12. just like the old days




hmm, what shall i wear?.........

after hours of hours of thinking, i finally decided that i will wear a blue cutoff sweatshirt that say's "lover"

and red shorts and blue flats with a simple shoulder bag

i let my straight hair well straight, and put on pink lipstick and mascara, 

after looking at the mirror, i am satisfied ,


i decided i'll watch a little t.v and sit around, after 10 minutes of waiting the door bell rang, i immediately jump up from my sit, and trip over a chair, ohh me, why am i even nervous, i mean, it's just a date, a date with your ex-boyfriend who is now famous, and loved by fans, nothing can go wrong, as i walk to open the door, of coarse it was zayn,duhhh, he was wearing light brown pants, and a v-neck shirt,

"you look amazing" Zayn said

"you to malik"i answered back

"sooo, what are those-" 

"just walk away malik, and let's go" i said before he finished his sentence

i pushed him in front of the elevator of my apartment, and i went back to the room to lock it,




she looked beautiful, and you can see that she have several tattoo's on her,   we went to my car and she looked out the window


i remembered when we had our first and last date

i chuckled at that memory

she looked at me confused

"what are you laughing about?" she asked

she's so cute

"aww thanks" she said with a smile

"did i say that out loud?"

she nodded and suddenly asked

"so zayn how many girl friends have you have?"

"ummm, 2 "

"wow, 2 in 3 years"

"yeah, how about you?"


"really? none, why?"

"i don't know"


we went to a beach, and she smiled, 

"why are you smiling?" i asked

"is it bad to smile?"

"no, it's not"

"i mean, i remember when we first and last dated, it was just like this, but more magical, you know"


"that was my first magical kiss, it was sooo different, so rwal, pure of love, and hope, and trust" she said and twirled around

"are you making me feel guilty?" i asked , cause i am feeling guilty

"what, me,, nooooo, i'm just saying the truth"

"well, shy, you wanna sit down?"



we sat there for 20 minutes but felt like hours, we talked about things that are not important and random, i turned on the radio and played mirrors, i stood up, and help her up, 

we were dancing smoothly, and laughing softly, and i know we were both remembering when we first danced, and i asked her to be my girl, i looked down at her, she was looking at the sand i sighed and she looked up,


"what's wrong?" she asked

"nothing just remembering something"

" i have to tell you something"

she said looking so sad

"what tell me"

"i...i..i have a boy friend"

i was shocked and couldn't  move

then she just laughed and laughed, why was she laughing, how can she

"zaynie, it was just a joke, your face it was priceless"

"hey,that was not a good joke Shy, not at all" i said sternly

"sorry," she suddenly was quiet, and was guilty, of what she did, so she walked away to walk around, 5 minutes left till the fireworks shows up



she looked back and smiled"hmmm"

and suddenly give me love played

"well that was a perfect timing"  she said

"your not mad? i asked as i walked to her

"no, just , nothing"

"ohh okay"

"let's just sit back and wait, for magic"i said and guided her to the mat

"zayn, is the magic food?"

"maybe, just watch the sky, 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1"

then the fireworks came , sea wind and fire flies, perfect timing

"just like old times" she said and put her head on my shoulder

i sighed at this moment, i just wish it never end's and the time just stop's 

while i was deep in my thoughts, i felt a warm quick kiss at my cheek , so i looked at Shy and i smile at her

"what?"she asked like she doesn't know what happened 

"yeah and you don't know what happened"

"what did happen?" she asked innocently

"you know you could be a actress"

"thanks" and she came close to me i can feel her breath and , she's giving me a boner, i hope she doesn't recognize


she laughed and looked down

i was sitting on my butt and my legs stretched out, while she is sitting on me one leg on my right one on my left side

"am i giving mr, malik a boner?" she asked play fully

"what? no, your not" i defended myself


she kissed my cheeks close to my lips, and she left soft kisses on my cheek and she kissed my neck, and a little moan escaped my mouth,

Shy looked up, and grinned at me

with out any warning she kissed me and i kissed back, i asked for entrance, and she let me in, our tongues playfully fight each other, and we just enjoyed this moment

we break up to breath for air

"well that was something" she said and got up

"yeah, i never know you were play full" i said and got next to her

"yeah, you don't know a lot about me malik"

"are you going to call me that all day?"

"yes malik, why got a problem?"

"no, i like it"


we went to my car and drove back home, she put her hand on my leg, and rubbed my leg, each time it goes up, it get's closer and closer, even at her touch, i get a boner, she looked at me, and laughed

"well, 2 in one night, malik, thats a new record" she said and got out of the car

well  that;s the first time i saw the seductive Shy,  hope i see her again

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