second chance

this is a story about, a girl who fell inlove with a boy who she really loved, but then that boy had to break up with her, and after 3 years they meet again, the girl gave him the second chance, will the boy ruin that chance or will they stay happy? read and find out


7. destiny?


i met up with Cher,Nicole,and Amanda, yes i'm still friends with them, 

we met at Cher's hotel,i was at the elevator, i was wearing, a grey hoodie, and at the 9th floor some one went in the elevator to, i was humming 6 degrees of separation, and had that darwing in my other hand,  Cher wants it, the boy kept looking at me, and i suddenly asked

"do you have a problem? sir" i asked this man

"yes i actually have a problem" i recognize that irish voice

"NIALL" i asked

"yup, how are you Shy?"

"good, saw at star bucks yesterday"

"yeah, you sing good" he smiled

"thanks, so what room are you in?"

"right next to Cher's" he said

 and my eyes widened and my mouth dropped

"and where are the boys?" i ask nervously

'in the room"

i gulped and begun to, hide my face

"please don't tell them that you saw me " i said with faith in my eyes

"okay, text me or call me if you need any thing though" he said and we hugged

"missed my leprechaun " i said and messed his hair up

"and i missed my wittle Shy" 

" and i think i do n't need any thing from you, i took care of my self for 2 years now, just to remind you" i said to him, 

before he could answered our elevator door dinged  and i quickly went out, i bumped into someone on the way to Cher's room, and it was Zayn, uggh, can this day get any better?

"sorry" i quietly said

"it's ok love" he said

i knocked at the door, and Cher opened it

"SHY" she shouted 

and the boys were out side their room, going to the pool, and looked at Cher and i

"hey" i said and backed away " bye" i said and locked the door


"SORRY, I DIDN'T KNOW,they're out side" 

'it's okay, i just can't see, or talk to them any more, or maybe i need time? i don't know, after 2 years, Cher 2 freaking years"

"i know, i know, let's just wait for Amanda" 

"umm, okay"i said shyly, 

"did you bring it?" Nicole suddenly asked

"yup, here you go" i gave them the drawing

i went to the kitchen and got a pint of ice cream, some one knocked on the door

"i'll get it, maybe it's Amanda"


"yo" i said while holding the pint of ice cream, and it was Zayn

i quickly closed the door, and i heard 5 boys in the door, luckily Zayn's foot, was on the door, so it didn't close, i quickly got to the dinning room, and put down, the pint of ice cream


i hid in one of the rooms


Zayn's  P.O.V

well we went to Cher's room, cause all the girls are there, so it's like a get together, i mean we see each other, cause we became famous, were excited to talk to Shy, we haven't seen her for 2 years, we were about to come in then we heard Shy screaming "SAY I WASN'T HERE, AND I MOVED TO CANADA AND CHANGED MY NAME NO BOB,", we all laughed, she still have that humor,


"so Cher where's Bob?" i asked

"in Canada" Nicole said

"i'll bring that pint of ice cream' Cher said

"no i'll bring it" i said and got two spoons

i looked around the room, and saw a room that Shy would be in, cause it's closed, i opened it, she was there looking outside

"hi SHY, how are you?"

"hmm, oh hi Zayn, good, i'm good"

"here's your ice cream"

"thanks, umm so how's one direction?" 

"good, really good, were going to tour this month actually"

"oh ,okay, good for you"

"umm, sorry"

"for what?"

"for hurting , your feeling, and for being your first boyfriend who dumped you after 5 days, and for not saying good bye properly "

"it's fine really, i really need to finish my studies and work, so yeah"

"don"t you think destiny, put us back together?"

"no not at all" she stood up and left,

but i got a good grip in her hand, i felt new cuts over her arm, i never thought this girl cut, never new at all.

"Shy, you cut?" i asked her touching her cuts

"yes, why do you even care?" and she run off and down the room


Liam's P.O.V


WE were talking and laughing then we saw Shy running and crying, 

"leave me alone Zayn" she shouted at Zayn

'No SHy wait" Zayn said 


"oh hey guys, i really want to talk but i have to go ..... runnnn" she said changing moods, and back to sobbing again, how can this girl do that? 

"Zayn, i'll just go after her" i said and he nodded


i thought of a place that Shy could be in and i thought of the bathroom,


Shy's P.O.V


THEN SOMEBODY WENT IN I LOOKED , WHO IT WAS , IT WAS LIAM, i faced him, and cried he rubbed my back and said "everything is going to be all right " i realized there was blood dripping in my arm

"LIAM,your shirt has blood ,I'M SORRY" i said cleaning of liam's shirt

"Shy you cut?" he asked 


he touched my newly cut arm, and said," never ever do this again, if you have a problem, tell me"

"umm, okay" i washed my arm, and liam's shirt, i got sleepy so Liam carried me, all the way up,



"how can you carry me all the way,up, i'm heavy?"

"secret, just go back to sleep, you need rest"


 and i went back to sleep, all cuddled up to him, i heard him open the door, and i thought to myself, wow his a strong man, i pretend to be a sleep, and heard questions

"where did you find her?" Zayn asked

"Bathroom" Liam answered

"What was she doing at the bathroom?" Cher asked

"well guys , did you know she cuts, she's to depressed, and she hids it, with all of those smiles, and laughter"

"ohh well, is that why you have blood stain in your shirt?" Niall asked

"yup" Liam, simply said

i "woke" up  and all eyes were on me

"is there something on my face?" i asked touching my face

"nope, you look perfect" Zayn said

"yeah,right" i whispered

i stood up, feeling a little dizzy, cause all the blood i lost, i fell down the floor, and stood right back up

"i'm alright don't need to worry" i said

then got to the sink and let the water, relief me, it felt good on my skin, i went to Cher and asked her if i could stay for the night, and she said yes, Amanda shooed the boys out of the room, and i began to ask my self, is it really destiny? 



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