I want to die.
I feel like nobody understands me anymore.

The notes kept appearing. He found them everywhere and anywhere. They meant something but he couldn't figure out what.

So he followed them. He traced them. He would soon uncover a mystery and a tradgey that could change his life forever.


1. Prologue

He wandered through the hallways of the mansion alone. With the smell of alcohol fluttering in the air and empty packets of cigarettes scattered over the floor, he placed his hand on the sturdy wall. His fists curled up into balls against the rough, scratched wallpaper. A wretched stench of chemicals lingered in the heavy air, causing a sharp stab of pain to waver through his head.

“Ugh,” he groaned as his hand connected with the sticky doorknob. He wiped the pink substance on his stained white shirt.

He stumbled into the cold room, and opened his eyes for a millisecond, just to check if the room was occupied or not. To his delight, the bed was free. His legs gave way, and he clumsily fell onto the bed.

He regretted consuming the alcohol that his friends had forced him to drink. Maybe if he was less drunk, he would be actually able to think clearly. Thoughts ran through his head, like a strawberries and ice cream in a blender. But just the thought of a smoothie made him sick.

Stars danced in his vision, but somehow, he managed to stay conscious. He felt something connect with his sticky hands. Bringing it closer to his eyes, he peered at it, squinting with his green eyes. Through the blurriness that filled his eyes, he could only just make out the carefully written note.

I want to die.

I feel like nobody understands me anymore.

That was it. The thoughts in his head became too confusing and the stars in his vision danced too fast. With the note tightly clinched in his fists, he slowly started slipping away from consciousness.

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