There's light and dark in everyone, annabeth believes, but then she meets sixteen year old Louis Tomlinson, and her opinions about people change, and life altogether..


1. Husk

"I'll be back soon," Cheyenne says, tossing her long blonde hair over her shoulder, and flashes me a white toothed grin,"wont be long. Try and stay out of trouble for five seconds." She leaves, without telling me where she's going. I hope she dosnt get lost. Bianca's parties are normally roudy and stuff.

I sling my backpack over my shoulder, and sit down at a table, which Jeannie McLean is sitting at. She flips me a grin,"there's a new bunch of boys here. They look around our age, maybe a year or so older. One's actually really hot; dark hair, blue eyes, the perfect tan. Yummy."

Ugh. Jeannie's version of a 'hot guy' was normally like that. Last summer she hooked up with some asian guy, that wasnt really 'asian asian.' It was horrible, I tell you.

"Yeah, I'm just going to go to the toilet, look after my bag for a minute?" I say.

Jeannie nods, and lifts my bag up, I know that she will take good care of it, because as annoying as she is sometimes, she's my second best friend, my first being Cheyenne.

I walk to the toilet, not really looking where I am going. Jeez, Cheyenne was right about Bianca (our Cousin) and her parties being roudy. I think i even see some of the college boys, eyeing me off. I shurg my jacket up a bit, I shouldnt have worn my skinny jeans, and low cut hoodie.

The boys whistle at me,"ooh, come over here baby. We'll make it worth your while." They look seggestively at my breasts, and I try my best to ignore them. Its hard though, to ignore boys that seem so familiar, and kind of attractive.

"Uhm no," I say,"I have standards, and you guys are WAY below them." With that, I walk completely away from them and towards the toilets. I hear footsteps behind me, and suspect that it's one of the boys. I spin around ,"Look, I said I dont want to ok so piss off."

The boy standing there, has light brown hair, a nice-ish body and green-ish eyes. "Sorry," he murmurs and looks at his feet,"but I came to see if you were ok. You looked kind of miffed and Jason and Kobi can act like fuck heads most of the time. I'm louis by the way, Louis Tomlinson."

"I'm Annabeth," I murmur, feeling slightly embarrassed because he's just a little bit attractive,"Annabeth Dancaster. I'm fifteen in a few weeks."

Ugh why did I say that? I make a mental note to kick myself later.

Louis grins,"I'm sixteen."

Damn, I'm slightly dissapointed that he's too old for me.

I say,"I have to go now, my uh, friend is waiting for me at the toilets. Bye now."

He raises his hand,"bye Beth."


(So read and tell me what you think <3)

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