Bite Me

Sarah Kenly was a very shy nineteen year old girl that got bullied in high school. After high school is over she plans to become the person she has always wanted to be. Things might change once she finds out she is going to be living with three hot hunks that just so happen to be werewolves. Yup this is going to be one hectic summer.


1. Prologue


Yes! Summer is finally here. No more homework assignment, no more projects with lousy partners, no more waking up early. The realization that I will never have to step foot in Jackson High School ever again finally hit me as I was drive home after the last day of school. Now I can live my life and fulfill my dreams. Don't get me wrong I loved school but after four years of getting picked on and bullied in that place they call 'High School' you just get sick of it. I had always been the odd one out, the kid no one wanted to be friends with. I never thought I was that bad but after a couple years of having no friends and people constantly saying you a waste of space, you start to believe it. I went from having low self esteem to having no self esteem. I actually started to cut myself to take away the emotional pain of being bullied. One day I cut too deep and had to be taken to the hospital. My mom took me out of school for about a year so I didn't graduate on time.

My mission this summer is to become the person I have always wanted to be. Not the girl hiding in the shadows, like I am now.

I was in the best mood until I opened the red door to our rundown apartment. I saw my mother sitting on the small couch in our living room. This wouldn't worry me if the Tv was one, but it wasn't. The last time she sat on that couch without the Tv on she told me my father died.

I nervously sat down and awaited for the terrible news that was soon to come.

"There was an opening for general manager and I got the job." Well I thought that was going to be a lot worse.

"The job is in London," Yes I have always wanted to go to London. I feel like this little talk just gets better and better. A massive grin appears on my face as I think about all the possible opportunities for me to follow my dream and become a photographer. "and you can't come." instantly the smile on my face vanished. How could she do this to me!

"Your just going to leave me in this small apartment while your off in London living the life! I don't think so! I'm coming with you." I said angrily as I stood up from the couch.

"You will not come with me because you are only nineteen and will I decide what you do and what you don't do because you live under my roof with my rules. You wont stay here alone either. I have talked to my good friend in Minnesota and she has agreed to watch you until you make enough money to start your life and buy your own apartment. Then you can do what ever you please but until then you will do as I say." I have never heard her talk to me with such authority before. Ever since my dad died she was always very shy and never really cared what I did.

"Pack your things because we are leaving tomorrow morning."

"So unfair." I mumbled under my breath hoping she wouldn't hear me as I stomped to my room.

"I heard that." How can parents hear what they want to hear and block out what they don't? Well I guess teenagers do the same thing.

Once I reached my plain white bedroom door I pulled out my two small zebra print suitcases from my closet and started to pack my clothes. I knew it wasn't going to take long because I didn't have much clothes. I had a few shirts and some pant. What else do I need.

One thing I did have a lot of was my hoodies. I had about seven. One for each day of the week. But most of the time I just wore my dads old oversized navy blue university sweatshirt. Most people think I'm weird for wearing them so often but its so much easier to throw the hood over your head and hide from the world then it is to face it. That's one of the reasons I wear them, the other being that they are just so cozy.

I finished packing my clothes and they only filled one suitcase. The other suitcase is filled of all the posters I have on my wall. I didn't want any of them to get damaged so I carefully put them in the second suitcase. Once I finished packing everything I decided it would be a good idea to hit the hay and get some sleep because tomorrow is going to be an eventful day.

"WAKE UP!" I heard my mom screamed as she shook my body. This is the only way I can wake up because I am a incredibly deep sleeper. I slept through a fire alarm once. Thank god my mom was there and carried me outside. The fire didn't do any real damage. It burned our microwave though. Don't ever forget how important a microwave is. I had to go three months without one. Lets just say those were the worst three months of my life.

"Its time to go. Get your bags and meet me in the car. We can have breakfast on the way." I grabbed my light suitcases and my old satchel bag and trudged down the stairs and got in the car. My satchel held my phone, my iPod, and my camera. It wasn't a fancy new one. It was a classic old one. It was my pride and joy. Behind it I felt like I'm a whole different person.

After putting my suitcases in the trunk of our small Honda I went in the passenger seat of the car and checked my phone for the time. 5:14! Why the hell am I up this early! I need my beauty sleep even though I could never be beautiful. I reclined my chair as far back as it can go and quickly fell asleep.

"Is she dead?"

"She has been asleep for hours!"

"I'm getting mom."

Three deep voices said as I was still in a sleeping state. I wasn't fully awake so I couldn't open my eyes. The best I could do was give a incoherent grunt.

"She's alive!" I finally open my eyes to see three big men. The one on the far right was the biggest. He had dark brown hair that was swept in all directions giving him that messy hair look. It definitely looked good on him. He looked about twenty five, maybe younger. Next to him was a boy that looked a little younger than me. You could tell that in a couple of years he would turn into a total ladies man if he wasn't already one. His chocolate brown eyes were extremely captivating. I felt I was melting into his eyes. His hair was almost exactly the same color as the older male standing next to him. Lastly was a tall mysterious looking man about my age. He had light stubble on his face like the first guy. His hair was darkest of all. He had hazel eyes that were so bright.

"Hi! My names Oliver!" The youngest one said.

"Umm hi." I said nervously. Why are these guys here anyway. They make me extremely nervous with their good looks.

"Hey. The names Flynn. Nice to meet you," the oldest one said as he waiting for me to tell me my name.

"Sarah." I said barley above a whisper. I turned my attention to the last one.

"Nathan." That was all he said before he walks out of the room. What was his problem?

"Umm wh-ho are you g-guys." Gosh did I really have to stutter in front of people I just met.

"We are Jamie's sons. And your are going to be living with us this summer. "

This is going to be one long summer.



So this is the first chapter of my new story. I hope you have enjoyed it. Please continue reading this one and my other story, "The Accident"

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