attacked by memories

this story is about a girl named sky ,she meets some guys from one direction amd they turn her life worse ! she thought they would be good for her to be around , but these boys make mistakes that may ruin sky forever? will she get hurt along the way ? there will be deaths and tears memories come flooding back ,but the boys make one HUGE mistake , will it ruin a love? a life? a soul? what is this mistake? and how does it ruin EVERYTHING? read attacked by memories to find out!

this story is also on wattpad but it is a different version it will be a different kind of story


1. beguining


skys pov.


i was walking down the street with my best friend, angelica, we saw a beautiful house that a couple boys just moved into. Me and angelica went up to the house with a basket full of treats , we accedentally left our Nandos bag inside of the basket nothing was inside though. As we knocked on the door a car pulled in the driveway, 2 boys got out and started to walk toward us. I dropped everything and ran, i kept running all that i could remeber was the dark suit  the brown hair the green eyes, all i could remeber. Angelica was calling out my name i didnt stop till i tripped and scraped my whole leg on the side walk i started to bleed.The tall headed boy i was terrified of   came running toward me i tried to scooch away, but he grabbed my hand and before he spoke , i noticed his curly brown hair on his pale skinned face, how his british accent softened and made me relaxed. I knew this feeling before, i remeber from my past just dont know what i swore i have felt this way before.

"hey hey, are you okay babe"? he said softly as he pulled me up against his chest.


i nodded as he walked me inside , he sat me on the couch and as he went to go to the kitchen for a bandade,i told angelica about how it remebered me of somthing that i didnt remeber .he came back and gentally put it on my leg , he put a couple so it would cover it all . The other boy was sitting there admiring angelica , the boy who helped me out told me he was harry and that was louis . 3 other boys came in the introduced themselves, niall, zayn and, liam.I enjoyed my time with the boys but when they werent paying attention i zoomed out of the house. A blond boy came out after me he walked me home, and said goodbye he hugged me before i went inside. I felt liked or loved when i was around these boys, i feel they could really change me or  help me out.

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