Watch what you wish for, it might come true.

Emma has been abused her whole life. Being bullied. She cuts, but can one boy save her life? His name is Ryder Scott. He is the bad boy of the school, but he never bugs her. But one day her dad goes to far...where is Emma gonna go?


1. Chapter 1.

           He hit my face as hard as he can like always. I fell down then he kicked me as my mum watched. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I ran upstairs and locked the door. I cried silently in my hands, I quickly took my hands off my face, my cheeks were hurting.


          I zipped up my coat and climbed outside my window and touched the ground with my feet. I grabbed my phone from the chair close to the window. I was hurt, bad. I felt sharp pains through my ribs and stomach. I went towards the sidewalk where I bumped into Ryder. He looked at me and his face softened. " What happened?" He asked. " Nothing." I said quickly walked. He grabbed my arm slowly, " Please let me help." He said.


          He set me on the counter, " Don't move." He said getting cleaning wipes. " This will only hurt a bit." He said putting them to my cuts. I bit my lip as it started stinging, he the put a bangage on it. " Lift upp your shirt." He said. I looked at him weird, " Kust do it." He said. I lifted my shirt then tanktop up. I had a big bruise and scar. " You need this to be checked out." He said. I breathed in as he touched the bruise on my rips. I flinched and pain shot through, " I am sorry." He said. " It's fine." I said. " How come you never told anyone about this?" He asked putting my shirts down. " No one would care. And people will say I am glad you get abused." I said as tears went down my cheeks.

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