Promise Me

Just as Anna Helms thought her life was perfect. Things start to change. Everything turns upside down. She finds out her parents had died coming to visit her. Her boyfriend was just a game. Her "friends" betrayed her. She was left alone, depressed, and sad. No one was there for her. One day she got tired of all the loneliness., and being depressed. She decides to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge. When someone stops her.


1. My life........DEAD

" Hey babe" Brendan said. Brendan was my boyfriend. "Hmm" I answered. "Let's go out today." he said. "Okay" I said grabbing my stuff. We went to the carnival with some friends. Me and Brendan got to spend some alone time there. "Yay!!!!" I screamed as Brendan handed me a HUGE stuffed animal he had won. " Your welcome" He said smiling at my reaction. 

     "Let's go on the Ferris Wheel." I said all excited. We ran hand in hand to  the Ferris Wheel. The ride was romantic. He had his arms around me. As i laid my head on his chest. The Ferris Wheel had stopped and we were at the top. . We had a perfect view of everything around us. Brendan leaned down, and his lips met my lips. I smiled during the kiss. We pulled away breathlessly as the Ferris Wheel began to move again. 

                                                                                                 ~ THE NEXT DAY~ 

        I was having a family day today. I loved having family days. I spend all day with my mom and dad. Sometimes even with Brendan would tag along. He couldn't today, but that's okay. We ran towards the couch, fighting for the best spot. My dad and I fought for the seat next to mom. Always happens. We spent the day watching movies, and talked.

                                                                                               ~ TWO DAYS LATER~

        We decided to have a girls day out, my friends and I. We went shopping and did some girly things. Like doing our nails and going to day spas. It was fun having a day doing all the girly things. I love my friends, and they love me. We spent the rest of the night at on of their houses watching movies, and having girl talk. 

       This was all a flashback I was having while i was standing on the ledge of the bridge about to jump off. I was crying. My parents died, my "boyfriend" played me, and my "friends" betrayed me. 


       "HAHAHAHAHA!! everything we had was a fake." Brendan said laughing along with his buddies. "It was a dare for fifty bucks." one of them explained laughing. I was furious. I cried really hard when I got home. I was pissed. I thought Ioved him, and he loved me. But everything was a fake.                 

                                                                                             •FLASHBACK OVER•


        I started crying a little bit harder as i thought about this. I started thinking some more. 



         "I'm sorry for your loss Ms. Helms." The nurse said. "What do you mean?" I asked. "Your parents didn't survive the accident." She said. I went into shock. Not crying yet. I was in denial. "No it can't be." I screamed while i started to cry.    It's all my fault. If only i hadn't moved out. They would still be alive right now. 

                                                                                             •FLASHBACK OVER•


           I cried even harder. I would be with them again sooner then they had thought. I thought about one last thing i couldn't forget about.


           I didn't go to school for two weeks since the accident, but when i came back everything was different. My friends weren't there for me ever since the dare that Brendan did. "Back off bitch. No one wants a shank ass hoe like you here." One of my so called "friends" said. "Just because your parents died doesn't mean that  we will have sympathy for you here." another said. I walked away crying. Soon after they spread rumors around school, and telling everyone the secrets I had told them. 

                                                                                             •FLASHBACK OVER•

          I was now crying violently. Why did all of this had to happen to be? Why all at once? I looked down at the cuts i had made on my wrists. It was still pretty raw. But this wouldn't really matter anymore. I closed my eyes getting ready to jump. I was scared, but i really wanted to do this. I wanted to leave this world that has nothing left for me. My parents died, my ex played me, and my friends betrayed me. I shut my eyes even tighter than before. I held one of my foot out. I was about to let myself fall, when someone stopped me. He had grabbed my wrist. "Why are you doing this?" he asked. 



Soo who do ya'll think the someone is? Find out the next time. 

What do ya'll think about my story? Comment and tell me what you like about it or what i should do to improve.



So I'm really excited to write this story. I thought i should write something new since i haven't updated my other stories, and i thought it was a good way to apologize for not updating. Don't worry i will UPDATE my other stories soon. Well my computer works again.(if ya couldn't tell) Hope you guys enjoy this story. It kinda has bits of my life in here. (Not that i tried to commit suicide or anything). Enjoy lovelies

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