Promise Me

Just as Anna Helms thought her life was perfect. Things start to change. Everything turns upside down. She finds out her parents had died coming to visit her. Her boyfriend was just a game. Her "friends" betrayed her. She was left alone, depressed, and sad. No one was there for her. One day she got tired of all the loneliness., and being depressed. She decides to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge. When someone stops her.


2. I want to know

A/N: You get to find out who stops her :D. (HINT: look at POV)    Enjoy.


Niall POV

   I decided to take a break from recording this morning. I was taking a walk down by the bridge near the studio. Running my fingers through my hair as i thought. I was horrid at the sight i saw, once i stopped thinking. This beautiful girl was trying to commit suicide. She's trying to jump off the bridge. 

   I quickly ran towards her, and grabbed her wrist gentle enough not to hurt her, but strong enough to stop her from jumping. "Why are you doing this?" I cried shaking. My tears were slowly streaming down my face. I pulled her into my arms as she cried. I cried along with her for a little. She was crying violently. She was also shaking, not only from fear, but from the coldness.

   I left my jacket back at the studio, so i hugged her even tighter in my arms. She didn't try to pull away or anything. She just laid her head on my chest, crying. I ran my fingers through her hair. I lifted up her face by her chin, so she was looking in my eyes. I could see the hurt in her eyes. The pain she went through. 

   I gently wiped away her tears. She was beautiful. "So does this beautiful face have a  beautiful name to match it?" I asked. I think i made her smile a little bit. She took awhile to answer. "Anna Helms." She said. Her eyes were red and puffy. She was still crying. I wanted to make her pain go away.

   " My name is Niall Horan." I said to her. This time her smile, but then she went back to crying. "I know you." "You're in the boy band One Direction. I smiled. "Umm yeah." I said. "My dad use to sing your songs to my mom." she smiled a little. "Well before they had died." she cried in my chest.

    Was this why she was gonna jump off the bridge? Her parents had died. "Is this why umm... you were doing this." I asked shyly. I didn't expect her to answer me, but shew did. "Yeah part of it." She said looking in my eyes. Her eyes were filled with tears. I wanted her to tell me who were the others that hurt her. What had they done to her? I wanted to know.

    I didn't want to ask her about it. "I'll tell you about it sometime." She said wiping her running nose. I guess she read my facial expression, or my mind. "That would be nice." I smiled to her. She was beautiful. why would anyone hurt her?She stood up from where i was sitting with her, and walked closer to the ledge of the bridge again. 

    I quickly followed behind her. She was looking down at the flowing river below. She closed her eyes. I put my arms around her. "Niall can you promise me something?" She asked. "Anything." I said. "Promise me that you will always be there for me." She said. By the way she was tearing up again. I knew that someone had betrayed her. "I promise." I said holding out my pinky. She hooked it with hers.

    We both sat down on the bench, and watched the flowing river together. She laid her head o my shoulder, and i saw her eyes close slowly. She fell asleep. I needed to get back to the studio, or they would get worried. I picked Anna up bridal style, and carried her to the studio with me. 



The person is NIALL. :D  yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!☺☻♥

What would you guys think the boys would say about Anna? Would they accept her? When will Anna let Niall know about the ones who hurt her? Will Niall keep his promise or no? 

Find out in the next few chapters of Promise Me ♥



Oh and I'm sorry for not updating yesterday. I had a project to work on -_-.



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