Promise Me

Just as Anna Helms thought her life was perfect. Things start to change. Everything turns upside down. She finds out her parents had died coming to visit her. Her boyfriend was just a game. Her "friends" betrayed her. She was left alone, depressed, and sad. No one was there for her. One day she got tired of all the loneliness., and being depressed. She decides to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge. When someone stops her.


3. An IDEA!!

Anna POV  

  I was watching the river flow by when i felt my eyes get heavier, and heavier. I soon fell asleep on Niall's shoulder.

                                                                                            •AN HOUR LATER•

  I had woken up and didn't know where i was. i saw Niall sitting in a couch across from me along with.....the rest of ONE DIRECTION. I smiled thinking about how my dad use to sing my mom some of their songs. I missed them, and i wanted them here. Tears started rolling down my face. Niall ran over along with the boys following after. "Anna, are you okay?" They all asked. "I'm fine I was just thinking of my parents." I answered looking away from them.

  "Don't look away, I wanna see your beautiful face." Niall said moving my face so it would face his. We were face to face. The boys were just standing there, awkwardly watching us. Niall wiped away my tears. he was a sweet boy, even if i just met him, there was just something about him that made me melt. I haven't had a nice boy in my life for awhile. I've been to scared to trust anyone again, but something about these boys tell me i can trust them.  

  I smiled at Niall and looked into his eyes. They were beautiful. The color of the sea. "Oh just kiss already!" Louis shouted. (Yes she knows their names) We both pulled away blushing. I was as res as a lobster. I trust Niall, but i don't want to get back into dating for awhile.

Niall POV

  Louis is so embarrassing. He just ruin the perfect silent moment. Anna's eyes were beautiful, even if they were red and puffy. They were a beautiful green, kinda like Harry's but a little greener. She was truly beautiful. "So Niall told us about what you had tried to do." Liam blurted. She just looked down.

  "I'm sorry I didn't know that you didn't want me to tell them." I whispered in her ear, and kissed her hair. "It's fine." she said giving me a willingly smile. "Why did you try to do it?" Zayn asked. She sighed."I got tired of the loneliness being depressed, and sad from all the pain." She said. "I just wanted to have someone there with me, but all my friends betrayed me." She said tearfully. I held her tight in my arms.

  "Well we're here for you." I said with the boys agreeing. I wanted to know the whole story, but she said she would tell me some time. I wanted to hurt the ones that hurt her. Why had they cause her so much pain? I wanted to make her pain go away. "Come live with us and you won't be lonely anymore." I suggested. The boys agreed with me all pitching in what they thought.

  "Leave your old stuff behind to resemble that you have moved on from the past, and we will buy you new stuff." I said. Once again the boys agreed and pitched in ideas. She thought for a little bit, and questioned us, but finally agreed. After introducing her to Simon, and others in the studio we went home to OUR place.



I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!! LOL 

sorry that this one was shorter than the others but it"ll will get longer. 



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