Give Love a Chance

Julia is an ordinary 17 year-old teenager that works
in a small café at the front of her house. One day,
she meets someone very unexpected....Harry Styles.


1. The Meet


Julia's P.O.V

It was a sunny spring morning and all the birds were chirping away. I looked up at my clock. 7:30. Time for work. I thought. 

My dad owned a café in the front of our house. He's generally a good guy but when he's don't wanna know. 

I grabbed jeans, a cute shirt saying: Pink and my hairband. As I rushed toward the café, I slipped and landed face-first in a puddle of mud.Oh Great, Just What I Needed. I thought.  "Need some help?" A mysterious voice asked. I looked up and saw....

Harry Styles. Asking me if I need help. I just smiled and replied. "Sure thing." He took my hand and helped me up. "Thanks Harry." I told him and brushed dirt off my pants. "How did you know my name?" He asked, he was teasing. "Well duh? Your Harry Styles from One Direction, right?" He nodded and one of his curls touched my forehead gently. Ahh, So Handsome...Wait

WHAT?! "Bye! Text me if you can. " He winked as he left. 

I was shocked. I truly admit it. I can't believe that I'm falling for a guy from One Direction!!! I sighed and walked away. 


Harry's P.O.V

Does she like me? I hope so.... I thought as I walked in through the door of our hotel. "What's up man?" Asked Liam and looked at me for a while. "You look....different. Just like when Niall met Isabella. So...-" He was cut off. "What kinda girl did you fall for this time?" Louis asked. He knows everything. I mean it. "No one." I relied simply. He could tell I was lying. They all could. "C'mon Harry! Tell us!" They all pleaded. I gave up. "Ok I met this girl at the café and she slipped on some mud and she fell face-first so I decided to help her out. " "What?!" I asked as they all stared at me. Soon, I was pestered by a million questions. 

"Was she hot?" "Whats her name?" "Did you get her number?" "How did she look like.?" This was gonna be hard. I could already tell. Sigh.  "Yes she was hot alright. I didn't get her name but I got her number. She was lightly tanned with long,wavy brown hair and greenish-blue eyes." I said. Silence. Silence. Silence. 

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