Give Love a Chance

Julia is an ordinary 17 year-old teenager that works
in a small café at the front of her house. One day,
she meets someone very unexpected....Harry Styles.


2. Texting like Maniacs


Julia's P.O.V. 

I seriously couldn't get Harry out of my head. I....think I love him. I was bored so I decided to text Harry. I started with saying: 

"Hey Harry! What's up? ;)" 

He answered right back. 

"Hi sweet! Couldn't get your name...;("

Huh. Sweet eh? I thought

"Oh my name is Julia :)" 

"Such a cute name, Julia." I was blushing as he said that. 

"Sooo doing anything special?" Harry asked. 

"Nope." I replied

"Then why won't you come over to our hotel and meet the rest of One Direction?"

I was shocked at this. Really. I liked him though and always wanted to meet 1D. 

"Sure! ;)) When and Where?" I asked

"How about tomorrow? I'll pick you up if that's ok:)"

Yay! Harry's gonna pick me up! 

"Thats great! See you tomorrow? At 1? "

"Yup. See you then! Bye and sweet dreams!" 

"You too Harry Goodnight! "

I started to pick out clothes for tomorrow, I couldnt wait to meet One Direction!!!

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