Give Love a Chance

Julia is an ordinary 17 year-old teenager that works
in a small café at the front of her house. One day,
she meets someone very unexpected....Harry Styles.


3. Meeting One Direction


Harry's P.O.V 

I'm nervous, really, I mean it. Its time to tell the boys. "Uhh Guys?" I asked. "Yeah Harry?" Louis and Liam asked. "Well, you know the girl I met yesterday? She's coming to visit and meet you guys. " For a moment they were silent. Uh-Oh. Silence is not good. "So you want us to...?" Niall asked. "Well, I thought we could surprise her and throw her a welcome to One Direction party. 

You guys dont have to...." The guys looked at each other and then back at me. "Ofcourse pal! Whats your plan?" Zayn asked. "Well, me might need purple balloons, food....." I explained to them that purple is her favorite color and she loves taco's. Just like me. I could really imagine me with her...


Julia's P.O.V. 

Im so nervous! I still don't know what to wear.... Then I saw a magnificent black dress to my knees. Perfect! I was waiting for Harry to arrive and soon saw his black limo pull up. The ride was quick. When I stepped inside, I was completely surprised. One Direction threw me a party! "SURPRISE!!!" They all shouted. I was speechless for a moment followed by a million, tight hugs from 

Liam,Louis, Niall, Zayn and Harry. I laughed along with the rest. Harry introduced me to the boys. "Julia, this is Liam!" He said as he pointed toward a guy with cute hair. "This is Niall." Blondie. Huh he had beautiful ocean blue eyes though. Next was Zayn. He had tanned skin and dark brown hair. Last, was a guy named Louis. Aww, such a cute name... He had those charming eyes and I could tell he had a good sense of humor. "Hello Julia." Louis bowed down to me. I chuckled and slapped him gently on his cheek. "Anything our princess would like to do?" Liam asked and bowed. As if on cue, Harry,Niall, and Zayn bowed. "Yeah, duh. What is this, a party or not?!" I laughed and we all started to dance like crazy people. Harry took me and we danced all night, together...

Louis's P.O.V 

How will I tell Harry? How can I like Julia? Its not like she's dating Harry, right? 


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