Give Love a Chance

Julia is an ordinary 17 year-old teenager that works
in a small café at the front of her house. One day,
she meets someone very unexpected....Harry Styles.


4. Liam knows


Julia's P.O.V

It was about 2:30 a.m. and I was still at 1D's hotel. I was still dancing with Harry. I saw Louis watching nearby looking kind of jealous. Wierd isn't it? I sighed and told Harry that I'm tired and I want to go to sleep. "Sure love. One more thing....." He kissed me on the lips and asked. "Will you be my girlfriend?" I was shocked. I barely knew him! My face lit up with a giant grin. "Ofcourse babe." I said and we both kissed for about one minute. His soft lips brushed against mine and I smiled as we kissed. If 

I was looking at Louis I would of seen a totally jealous and crushed face. But i was too happy to look at anyone except Harry. 


Louis's P.O.V

Julia was kissing Harry so happily, now I couldn't even think about her now! She was dating Harry! "You ok man?" I was shaken from my thoughts. "Yah dude. Im fine." Liam could obviously tell I wasn't. He gave me....The Stare. That really freaks me out. Ugh Fine. "Ok but promise not to tell anyone?" I asked. Liam nodded. "Ok I have a crush on Julia..." I couldn't meet his shocked gaze. He gave me You What?! kinda look. "Dude," He whispered. "She's dating Harry and they both love each other. You can't break 'em up man, and you know that." I looked at Liam and added simply. "Yeah I know...I know...." 


Liam's P.O.V 

I can't believe Louis likes Julia. I know she's sweet but seriously! Louis should know that Harry loves her and becomes way over protective of his girl, and, I think he does. 


Sorry this chapter is so short! Its kinda boring too!!! Sorry

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