For You My Demon

When little five year old Nellie, or Nell Brooks, one day decided to play outside of her cozy little rural house in Indiana, she began to unravel a world full of demons, kings and danger. And when she did, she discovered an almost forbidden friendship, one that has grown more each day of her life. Her bond is with William Scraf, an exiled demon prince, who's father was murdered and overthrown by one of his close followers. Their friendship is unstoppable, but has it has gradually been becoming more? Read on as Nell and Will's story unfolds into an adventurous love story of two young people from entirely different worlds.


3. Will's Sadness

"You lowly little brat." Ankara spat in his demonic tone. "Why did you stop me from harming that human girl?" Will grinned mischievously.

 "I wanted to test if you'd obey your prince or not." Ankara hissed from all three of his mouths. 

"Don't provoke me, child. Your status won't mean a thing for long." He growled as they padded through the dark portal back to their world. 

Will shrugged. "You don't scare me. I've seen a lot more intimidating demons than you in our world." 

"You truly are a spoiled brat, Prince William." Ankara scoffed.

"So what! I'm the prince, so I get what I want!" Will said before cockily sticking his tongue out at Ankara, who rolled his eyes from under his black skin covering them.

"Your father needs to teach you some manners before it's too late for you." He said smoothly.

"Whatever." Will pouted before he took off running. "I'm telling father about your insults to me and you'll regret your actions by tomorrow." He said as he leaped through the end of the portal.

"Annoying child." Ankara muttered before stepping through the portal's end himself.



Nell's eyes peered open in the dim light of her bedroom. As her memories slowly came back to her, a grin formed itself on her lips. I get to see the prince again today! She gleefully thought before she heaved herself from the bed and padded her bare feet on the soft, carpeted hallway floor as she made her way down to the kitchen. 

She stopped before she made it to the opening that connected the dining room to the kitchen and tiptoed the rest of the way into the kitchen. Her mother was bent over the dishwasher with her messy gold hair sprawled out down her back. She was in the pajamas Nell had pick out for her years ago, sky blue and with Mickey Mouse's  head in random spots on the fabric, most wouldn't choose them for someone Nell's mother's age. 

Nell fought to hold back her mischievous snickers while she creeped closer to her mother. A smiled crept onto her mother's face as she spun around to face Nell with a single spotless dish in her hand. "I heard you Nellie." Her mother said in her usual smooth voice.

"Aww!" Nell whined, " I thought I could scare you this time."

Her mother's hand reached out and ruffled her messy, disheveled blonde waves. "Go sit down at the table and I'll start breakfast." She placed the dish in the cabinet above the dishwasher.

"What do you want me to make? Or do you want cereal?" Nell skipped over to the kitchen bar and hopped up on one of the stools before answering her mother. "I want... Chocolate toast!" She said cheerfully. "Alright." Her mother agreed as she toasted the bread and spread it with the hazelnut and cocoa mixture.  

Hours later Nell was in her light pink sundress outside, skipping to her usual play place, where she also assumed she'd meet Will again. She gazed around, looking for any sign of him, but she saw no one but her mother in the distance, on her hands and knees, tending to her garden. 

"Will!" She called out to him. No answer. "Will!" She called out again. "Where are you?" Still, no one answered her call, so she plopped down on the ground, with her arms crossed. "Humph... No show." She mumbled.

"Be patient.." A young male voice growled from a short distance away.

"Will!" Nell happily yelped. 

Nell's mother lifted her gaze from the soil and looked at her daughter, who she saw smiling happily at something she couldn't quite see yet. She then smiled herself and swiped the sweat from her forehead and glanced back at the baby mint plant she was placing in the soil. Even without her father, she is still such a happy child. She thought before continuing her garden work.

Nell's smile faltered when she saw Will. His expression was filled with outrage and she could find a small hint of sadness behind his eyes. "Will?" She said, her voice full of uncertainty.

"What?" He said bluntly. She stood up and let her arms fall out of place as she stared him curiously in the eyes.

"Are you ok?" She asked cautiously. 

"I'm fine!" He snorted. Nell backed away.

"Will your scaring me. Please don't yell." His near teary eyes began to gloss over with water.

"Will...?" Nell murmured and she slowly made her way closer to him. With a blink of his eyes, he no longer looked like he was going to cry, instead, his eyes became more beast like.

"Ankara!" Will screeched. Nell shot a frantic look at her mother, who was going about her normal gardening without even looking their way. Could she not hear him?
"Wha..What's Ankara?" Nell's asked jittery while backtracking her steps. Will met her eyes and the demonic look vanished. "Prince Will, why are you acting so scary?" She asked, a little relieved to see his eyes back to normal.

"Don't call me 'Prince'!" He exhaled heavily. "My dad.." His voice faltered. Nell blinked. "What is it Will?" He looked at her with saddened eyes. "My dad, the demon king, is dead. Killed..." He mumbled quietly. Nell gasped.

"So your daddy is.. Gone?" He frowned uncomfortably.

"Killed by the demon that almost attacked you last night."  

Nell gave him a weak, knowing smile. "I don't have a daddy either, but me and my mommy are happy. We miss daddy a lot though... What about your mommy?" 

He looked up at her with a blank expression. "Demon moms die after they have kids." Nell took a few steps forward again, but this time she got close enough to touch him.

"My mommy says every boy has to have a girl in their life. And it could be their mommy, but it doesn't have to be, so I've decided something." She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him into a hug. "I'm going to be that girl in your life." She said, though she didn't completely understand what it meant. 

Will remained unmoving as she hugged him, but a shy half smile creeped onto his face. Suddenly, he no longer felt like a spoiled brat with no friends or family to comfort him in his time of need. He felt like the happy, rich, rightful, prince he was for a moment, though in one night it seems it all had been lost. He wasn't rich in money anymore, but seemed to be rich in something else he couldn't describe. It was something warm and he liked it. 

Nell released him from the hug and stepped back. "I think I see a smile!" She said happily. Will smiled sheepishly.

"Yay! I made you happy again!"

"You did." He said with a broader, but not too broad smile. "I'll see you again sometime. You should go help your mom in her garden." He said calmly.

"Oh ok. Where are you going?" Nell blinked, but when she opened her eyes, he was gone. 

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