For You My Demon

When little five year old Nellie, or Nell Brooks, one day decided to play outside of her cozy little rural house in Indiana, she began to unravel a world full of demons, kings and danger. And when she did, she discovered an almost forbidden friendship, one that has grown more each day of her life. Her bond is with William Scraf, an exiled demon prince, who's father was murdered and overthrown by one of his close followers. Their friendship is unstoppable, but has it has gradually been becoming more? Read on as Nell and Will's story unfolds into an adventurous love story of two young people from entirely different worlds.


1. Prince William

Twelve Years Ago:
 Nell shoved her fingers into the grimy dirt as she shoveled out a hole in the dry ground with her hands. She brightly smiled at the rounded river stones she gathered from the creek. "Almost done with the nest my little eggies!" She called out to the stones who cave no reply or any signs of life. She giggled as if they said something funny. "Don't worry, I'm going to finish before dark." She gazed up at the setting sun. 

"It's so pretty..." She marveled. Nell grunted as she pulled herself to her feet  and then brushed the dirt from her jean skirt. "I love the evening." She said with a small speech impediment. "Don't you? I love the way the sunset make my hair sparkle!" She ran her hair through the wavy golden strands shining in the setting sunlight and glanced back down at the stones. "Oh I almost forgot!" 

She skipped out of the dirt patch and ripped up a handful of lush grass and plucked some twigs from where they lay under the trees. "I'll use this to go around the nest!" She said before skipping back to her spot in the patch of dirt. She plopped down and began mixing the twigs and grass with the dirt she scooped from the ground. 

"There we go!" She had formed a ring of dirt, grass, and twigs around the shallow hole and carefully placed each stone in as If it were the eggs of some kind of bird. She looked back up at the sky. Only a pale light remained and the stars were out and shining. "Nell," Her mother's voice called from an upstairs window. "It's getting dark come inside for tonight, sweetie."

 Nell looked up as her mother closed the window and disappeared back inside the house. "I'm coming mommy!" She yelled before looking down at the rocks. "I've got to go to bed soon, so I'll burry you here.", she said to them while smoothing the ring of dirt over the top of them. "This should keep you safe until I come back tomorrow." 

She stood up and dusted off her skirt once again. "Bye!" She said to 
the stones before turning on her bare heels. But she didn't take any more steps. Once she turned around she was faced with a freakish creature of the dark. Nell's eyes grew to the size of watermelons. Her heart suddenly thumped franticly in her chest and she froze dead in her tracks. 

What she faced was a large, all black, four legged creature with a long slender snout, scrawny paws and tall spiked ears. Two tall horns stood from its head at about about the same length as its ears, it had massive torn bat wings and it's tails were about a meter long. It had two tails, each had an oval shape at the end that appeared to have individual mouths and fangs, but she couldn't tell exactly by the way they kept swishing around behind it. It's body was obviously thin and bony, each of its ribs were showing against its tight, hairless, black skin.  

"Wha...", She shuddered to talk. "Who.. are you?" She asked, trembling.The creature lifted its head. For a second she got a better look at its face. There was no sign of a mouth, but what was most shocking to her was that it had no eyes. The black skin stretched with the jaw as it opened its mouth and it looked as if it were being torn apart, but it did not bleed. The creature did not reply to her, but instead it opened it's dark empty mouth to let out a blood curdling screech that sounded like a mixture of the call of a parrot and roar of a lion mixed. 

Nell gulped and backed up. Her heel hit the uneven ground of where she had buried the rocks and she tumbled backwards and fell on her belly. "Don't hurt me!" She scream with her arms wrapped around her head and her face pressed into the grass with her eyes squeezed tightly shut. A few moments passed and everything was still. She hadn't felt the pain she'd expected to piece her body from the creature's tails. 

Nel peeked open her eyes and lifted her face from the ground to face the creature again. This time when she looked the creature was still there, but to see it she had to look through the legs of someone between it and her. She gasped and sat up, awestruck. 

She saw the back of a boy's head. He had dark chestnut hair and was slightly taler then her. He had on carpenter's jeans and a black tee with yellow stripes on the sleeve. "Who are..?" She began to ask him, but was interrupted when the boy spoke to the creature. "Back off. I demand it." She gasped again. Is he really trying to tell it what to do? 

The creature hissed once and started to back away and disappear. Into the night. "Who..who are you?" Nell stuttered. The boy turned around and brightly smiled with unnaturally pointed teeth. "I'm Will, the demon prince!" His bright green eyes shone with pride. "Your a prince?" She asked while getting back on her feet. "Yep!" He replied happily. "Wow!" She gaped at him in awe. 

"Nell!" Her mother called for her again. Nell looked at the house then back at Will. "My name is Nell. That's my mom. I have to go now. Thank your for helping me," she paused for a second. " Prince Will." She giggled and held out her pinky finger. "Since I have to go meet me out here to tomorrow. Pinky Promise me, ok?" Will wrapped his pinky around her's and they shook it up once and down once. "Promise." He said and she took off running toward her house. She stopped at the door and waved one final goodbye before going inside and running to her mother.

"There you are Nell.", Her mother said welcomingly. "What have you been up to out there?"  Nell smiled at looked out the window where she had been playing. Will was gone and thankfully, so was the creature. "Sorry to took so long. Mommy, I was being rescued by a prince!" Her mother smiled. "That sounds wonderful, but your filthy! Run upstairs and get in the tub, my little princess." 


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