For You My Demon

When little five year old Nellie, or Nell Brooks, one day decided to play outside of her cozy little rural house in Indiana, she began to unravel a world full of demons, kings and danger. And when she did, she discovered an almost forbidden friendship, one that has grown more each day of her life. Her bond is with William Scraf, an exiled demon prince, who's father was murdered and overthrown by one of his close followers. Their friendship is unstoppable, but has it has gradually been becoming more? Read on as Nell and Will's story unfolds into an adventurous love story of two young people from entirely different worlds.


2. Mommy and Nellie

"You should have seen it!" Nell exclaimed while climbing the stairs with her mother following closely behind her. " I was playing in the dirt outside and when was about to go inside when a big scary doggie monster thing came up behind me! Then it roared like this." She imitated the roar, but it sounded nothing like the creature and the only thing she succeeded in doing was splattering the stairwell with saliva. "I tired to run away, but I fell on my butt. I thought it was gonna' easte' me! But then a then a prince came and saved me!"  

"Sounds like you had an adventure." Her mother said sweetly, dismissing the story as her daughter's creative game. "Could the prince be your Prince Charming?" She turned on the faucet and placed a hand in the running water. When she was satisfied with the temperature, she plugged the drain. Nell paused for a moment and pondered the question. "I don't know, mommy." 

"Is my little baby girl falling in love?" She teased. Nell wrinkled her nose. "Gross mommy! Why'd you have to ruin it with mushy stuff?" Her mother let out a short huff of laughter. "Good. I hope it stays that way until your at least eighteen. Now strip little Nellie. Your bath is ready."

Nell obediently pulled off her filthy, dirt covered clothing and slipped in the bathtub.  As she laid back, dirt clouded the water around her, especially around her hair. "Nell, your filthy! When did you last have a bath?" Nell's mother sternly asked.  Nell shrunk down in the water, leaving only the top of her head and her nose up visible. "Nell, I told you to bathe yesterday after you finished playing in the dirt. I bet your bed sheets are filthy now!" Nell's mother said filthy often when she was being scolded for being unclean. For that reason filthy was a word she hated.

Nell didn't like being scolded by her mother. Though her mother was very patient with Nell, it always would bother her when her mother was upset with her. Nell's  mother sighed and filled her hand with shampoo. "Sit up, so I can clean your hair." Nell cautiously sat herself up and slid closer to her mother. " I'm sorry." She whimpered. "Nell, sweetie, its ok, just don't do it again." She weakly smiled at Nell. Nell's smile bounced back instantly. "I'm going to see the prince again tomorrow."

"Tell him that your mother and father are very grateful for the way he bravely rescued you." Nell blinked, confused. "But how can daddy be thankful if he's in heaven?" Her mother's eyes softened with a small sadness, but she smiled faintly as she ran her hands gently through Nell's hair. "Your daddy is always watching you." Nell's eyes widened and she twisted her head around to meet her mother's eyes."Always?" She nodded. "He watches from heaven and is very proud of you." 

"So he saw me and the prince?" Her mother gently washed the soap from her hair. "Yes, Nellie. He always watches you, so you need be be very good at all times." Nell blinked and looked at the ceiling. "Even now?" She asked. "Yes my dear." Her mother softly said. 

"Then if your watching, daddy," Nell quietly spoke to the heavens. " I miss you and I hope you saw how brave I was when that scary monster came after me. I know your looking out for me, but look out for Will too please. You saw how brave he was when he saved me and I don't want anything bad to happen to him. I love you and I won't forget your watching us. Me and mommy." 

Nell smiled as if she knew she had been heard and she turned back to her mother. A silent tear had fallen down her cheek and her thin lips formed a tight smile. Her eyes were filled with a mixture of happiness  and sadness. "That was beautiful Nell." She croaked. " Are you ok, mommy?" Nell innocently asked, not mature enough to understand why her mother was crying. "I'm just fine Nell." She said and quickly swiped away the tear. "It's time to get out of the tub sweet little Nell."

 She stood and pulled a fluffy blue towel from the cabinet and draped it around Nell as she stepped out of the bathtub. For a moment she kept Nell tightly wrapped in her embrace and she squeezed her eyes shut for a moment. "Now go get dressed and ready for bed." She whispered in Nell's ear, then planted a kiss on her forehead before letting her go.  

Nell quickly dried herself off, put on her cozy pajamas, brushed her hair and teeth and settled herself on the edge of her bed, to wait for a goodnight kiss. Before long her mother appeared in the doorway to perform their nightly ritual. Nell snuggled her head deeper into the pillow as her as her mom stepped forward and draped the covers over her gently. "Goodnight, Nellie." She said as she wrapped Nell in her arms and softly kissed her forehead. In return Nell wrapped her own arms around her mother as far as they would reach. "Love you mommy." Nell whispered. 

"Love you too, baby."  She quietly replied as she gently broke the embrace and stepped to the door. "Goodnight." She said once again before flipping off the light and leaving an exhausted Nell to rest.


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