Jessie is a normal teenage girl, but when One Direction go to her school. When she accidentally bumps into Harry Styles. Will they be forever or go their own seperate ways?


1. Jessie's POV


                                               Cailynn and I were walking down the school hallway when she asked,  "Do you think this is a cute outfit on me?"

           " Sure. I guess."I said with a fake smile. The hallways started to decrease with a number of people leaving. I noticed while making me run away from my thoughts.

           "Bye Jessie!" Cailynn shouted.

          "Bye!" I waved to her when I had to head to my class. I looked back to where I was going, when I felt something I ran into. A hard wall? Locker? When I looked up it was the most handsome boy ever. I fell to the ground, dropped all my stuff.

        "Sorry I didn't see you there. I was talking to a friend, and I looked back when I saw you accidently bump into me." He said with the most gorgeous smile. He had mocha colored curls that sprung out in the most beautiful way, his eyes were a pretty peridot eyes, his lips pink-smooth plump lips which curved in an amazing smile. "My name is Harry. Harry Styles." He said with his hand stretched out for me to grab on. I hesitaintly took it with caution. I just looked at him and his hand back and forth. His hands were smooth, like really really smooth. I wonder what lotion he uses. 

     "Sorry I was thinking. My eye- name is Jessie Bell. Sorry ....again."

     " No problem. Here. And ummm I  was wandering if I can have your number?" Harry said nervously.

      "Sure." I said with a smile. We swapped phones, and exchanged numbers. "Here." I said giving him back his phone.

      " Thanks." Harry said with that body melting smile.

        "Welcome." I said with a shy smile. With that we went seperate ways. I headed to class.

     Through out  the class I couldn't get him out of my mind. He was mesmerizing. Gosh that ... well that guy!



  (A/N) soooooooo wat ya thinkl let me kno and i will post aNOTHER THANX pandas rules      





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