You had a some-what average life of a normal teenage girl.

Now it's gone. Everything. Your friends and family fell all to the destruction and chaos the world brought in.

Well, almost everything...

You have a team. You are not alone.

Five boys, whom you have never met before, but you can trust them.

It's your turn to face the world. Together.


1. The Tests

"Ok class, today we will be using new  chemicals all donated from our high tech science center here in our hometown." Our teacher Ms. Kimberlin said. "We even have a very young adult coming to demonstrate how this is done, and how we can safely use the chemicals productively. I scrunched my eyebrows and raised my hand, without waiting to be called on, I spoke up. "Productively?" I asked wondering how and why teenagers would be dealing with things like this.

Ms. Kimberlin just rolled her eyes. "Raise your hand Ms. Bourne." She said in her annoyance called a tone. Before I could open up my mouth once more, a man walked walked into the room looking like a real scientist, but Ms. Kimberlin was right. He was young, maybe only two years older than me max. He had black leather mass shoes, with smart looking, dark-colored, rectangular glasses. He was a tall Caucasian man with a good looking profile and to top off this look, he had a pen behind his ear, the khaki pants with the belt, and a wooden clipboard in front of him with piles of papers stacked on top. Ms.Kimberlin smiled as he entered the room, then glanced at us. "Class, this is Mr.Keith." She said almost blushing. I swear you can hear one of the teenage boys mumble the words 'cougar'.

She started passing out test tubes that were laying on a worn out, light tray, taking small steps as the chemicals were already placed in the tubes. Honestly, it looked like old rum, the old fashioned way you would see it in a pirates movie. The test tubes were so old and dusty, and the color of the chemicals just made the image look worse. The chemical was a light orange brown and it looked like there was another dark brown chemical inside mixing in with the other. Mr.Keith then clashed his hands together, looking at the room full of teenagers. "Lets get started."

When he said that, it was almost like it was a cue, as someone else nearly responded. "What the hell?" but that comment was directed at Mr.Keith, but it was a teenage girl looking closely at the chemical, almost like she couldn't take her eyes off of it because of her curiosity, and that is when it happened. The test tube broke, almost like the chemical itself was alive and it wanted to break free, but the chemical having feelings were the least of the class' problems. 

The girl. The glass didn't cut her skin or anything, but the chemical did take a good hit on her. At first you couldn't see what happened, and only heard her screaming like bloody murder as she kept her hands over her face screaming help me, help me, multiple times. But once she put her hands down, you can tell that everything went wrong. 

\Her eyes were red like a waterfall just crashed through her eyes. She was screaming in pain, whiffing her hands on her face like she needed air, or she was hot. Her skin on her nose and cheeks were freaking slowly peeling off. I looked at Ms.Kimberlin only to see her face reaction as one hundred percent complete horror. "Help her!" I yelled at her. I wouldn't know what to do, but Ms.Kimberlin being the teacher, she should be prepared to react in situations like these. "Get her to the wash!" She yelled. Some boys helped out and brought her and, and Dr.Keith smashed the big red button the powered the thing. I was worried for her, but, I couldn't deal with pain. I jumped out of my chair and ran out of the classroom running off to who-knows where. 

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