From Now and For Forever

18 year old Cassidy Logan was just a small town girl living in the UK. She suspected nothing interesting in her life would come. All that changed when she wins a magazine contest to meet the love of her life and his band mates.


4. Where Am I?

Cassidy's POV

I woke up naked, in a closet, scared , and alone. As I try to regather my thoughts, I try to put together my clothes.  The last think I remember is drinking at the bar with... Uh oh. Oh shit. Please don't tell me that I lost my virgenity to the Niall Horan of One Direction?!?! This is not real right now god no! Fuck no! Damn it ok now all I need to do is to figure everything out. As I opened the closet door looking like a piece of deer shit I saw an old man sweeping the floor of the club wistling a tune.

"Um exuse me, but do you have a phone I could use I really need to get home." I asked kindly

"Sure behind the bar counter should be a phone over there."

"Thank you."

I quickly dialed one of my best friends Kalysta and within seconds she picked up.

"Hey! Where are you?!? Paige and I have been worried sick since you didn't come home last night with us!"

"Yeah sorry. Umm hahaha funny story actually I'm still at the club and I need a ride. I'll tell you what happend in the car. Kay?"

"Ok I'm on the way luff you!"

"Luff you too!"

10 mins later I saw a red Audi pull up on the curb. I opened the drivers seat and there sat an


expectant kalysta waiting for me to talk about what happend last night I suppose. 

"Ok so this just might blow your mind but I may have lost my virginity to Niall Horan." I claimed extremely fast since I was to scared to believe it or even say it out loud. 

Kalysta swerved on the road and reviving a bunch of honks in total shock.

"ARE YOU SERIOUS YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING CUZ IM ABOUT TO SLAP YOU UNTIL YOU GET SOME COMMON SENSE!!!" She yelled at me, she was like my sister always looking after me 

"Well you know what we have to do now." She started to calm down a bit," "We have to see Niall and the boys."


what do u guys think? I'm kinda rough cuz it's my first fan fic but I need feed back so PLZ COMMENT!!!!! 

Tank u 





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