From Now and For Forever

18 year old Cassidy Logan was just a small town girl living in the UK. She suspected nothing interesting in her life would come. All that changed when she wins a magazine contest to meet the love of her life and his band mates.


1. Contest Winner

Cassidy's POV

It was a normal Saturday afternoon that consisted of eating chocolate ice cream out of the jug and watching old black and white love stories in my lounge clothes of  sweats and a jumper. As I was just about to take a bite out of some more ice cream the doorbell rang, expecting that the mail was here but I instead got something much more. A very tall man wearing a suit and a camera man  were at my door. "Are you Miss Cassidy Logan?" He asked me in a very announcer like way. "Yes, why?" I asked curiously. He quickly then replied "My name is Mark Magginus and YOU are the lucky winner of the Meet One Direction Contest!" I became paralyzed  in great excitement. When I finally snapped out of it I screamed a bloodcurdling steam like no other. As I tryed to contain my self Mr. Magginus told me the details. He handed me a special VIP pass to get backstage. I quickly said thank you and shut the door, NOW I can go crazy.  I did my signature victory dance and went to go get my phone, I've go bragging rights!

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