From Now and For Forever

18 year old Cassidy Logan was just a small town girl living in the UK. She suspected nothing interesting in her life would come. All that changed when she wins a magazine contest to meet the love of her life and his band mates.


3. Clubbing

Cassidy's POV

As soon as I came home I quickly called my best friends, Pagie and Kalysta to give them the news. In a matter of five minuets, they were here looking sexy as ever! Pagie was wearing a simple yet effective slim fitting navy blue sparkly one long sleeved dress with matching pumps and her hair curled with a hippy headband around her head. Kalysta was wearing a strapless purple dress with a little cleavage showing and black pumps with her hair straightened. I decided to go with sexy, yet not slutty at the same time. This dress was also strapless but was not long at all and showed a bit more cleavage than Kalysta with some sexy leopard print pumps with my hair curled as well as Pagie. I let the girls in as I get a call from Niall. I give him my address and within minuets the doorbell rings and in walks Niall with wide eyes looking at me and his mouth on the floor. I strut passed him and close his mouth saying "Close your mouth Darling or you'll catch flies." Winking at him before I walked to the car impressed with myself and how sexy I can be.

Niall's POV

Ok, she did it! Cassidy Logan has stole my heart. Tonight I will make her mine, she will be my princess. I walked her friends to the car and they introduced their selves I'm sure one of the lads will hit on them. I mean there're pretty and all but nothing compares to Cassidy's beauty.


Cassidy's POV

"Just a precaution, I will get drunk so someone is going to have to watch me." I exclaimed before making a B-line to the bar with Niall on my tail. An hour later I was so drunk and so was Niall. "I have something to confess," Niall slurred "Cassidy, I really like you...a lot" "Me too!" I slurred back and kissed him, hard. He jumped of his bar stool and picked me up and took me to a small closet and locked the door without breaking the kiss. When I kissed him I felt, sparks flying everywhere. The kiss became hungry and his tongue licked my bottom lip for entry but teased him and didn't let him in. He reacted and grabbed my bum and squeezed it causing my mouth to open and Niall to stick his tongue in my mouth. He brought me closer and unzipped my dress exposing my body in my bra and underwear. I slipped off Niall's shirt and pants...

You decide what happens next ;)



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