Little Things ( A Niall Horan fan- fiction)

Kenneth has never really felt beautiful. She never felt special or important or confident in herself. But when she decides to audition for The X-Factor, she meets the man of her dreams, and realizes her potential and her beauty.


7. Words

Kenneth's P.O.V.


               When we walked into Nando's, the whole restaurant went silent.  We stood there awkwardly until a waitress came over and seated us.  Beside us was a table full of girls.  They giggled obnoxiously and kept looking at out table.  When they were leaving, they all came over to our table.


“Oh  my gosh,” one of them exclaimed, “your One Direction!”  All the boys nodded and smiled.  The girls asked for pictures with them and stood at our table for twenty minutes talking nonstop.  Even when our food arrived, they stood there and watched us eat.    

            One of the girls turned to me and Niall.  She pointed a finger at me.  “You aren’t good enough for him” she said bluntly, her blonde hair in her face.  I raised my eyebrows in surprise and let out a little laugh.  Niall stiffened beside me. 

            “If anything, I’m not good enough for her” he said with a hard edge in his voice.  He stood up and walked towards the washrooms.  The girl glared at me.

            “Come on, let’s go” she said to her friends.  They all sighed and said good bye.  Then they walked out of the restaurant.  As the blonde walked out, she turned and stared at me.  You aren’t good enough for him.  Her words rang in my head like a gun shot. 

            I stared down at my plate, tears forming behind my eye lids.  Ella nudged me.  I looked up, and pointed my head towards the bathroom. She nodded, and we stood up.  As we walked towards the bathroom, I could feel everyone’s eyes on us. 

            When we entered the bathroom, I burst into tears and sank to the floor.  Ella knelt down beside me. 

            “What happened out there with that blonde chick?”  I let out a chocked sob.  I fell into Ella’s shoulder and my running mascara ruining her dress.  We sat on the floor for several minutes before I could speak.

            “She told me that I wasn’t good enough for Niall” I said numbly.   Ella scoffed.  I could already feel anger radiating off her. 

            “Who does she think she is?” “Seriously, saying things like that isn’t going to make him love her.”  She went on for 5 minutes talking about how unfair it was, and how she had an ugly heart. 

            “It’s fine, really, I’m ok” I add to her rage.  She stops mid sentence, her hands animating how mad she is. She drops her hands and looks at me closely.  She nods.

            “Let’s go back out then.”  I put on a fake smile, and we go back to our table.


Niall's P.O.V.



            I walked away from the table, trying to hold back my anger.  As I slammed open the door to the washroom, I shake my head vigorously.  When I enter a stall, I punch the wall of it.  I lean against the wall, burning with anger and hurt.  My fans are supposed to be supportive of my decisions. 

            “Ok Niall, you are going to go out there, and act like nothing happened” I say to myself. I hear the door open, and I see Zayn’s shoes underneath the door.

            “Um, Niall are you in there?”  I open the stall door and stand in front of him.  Tears of anger fall out of my eyes.  Zayn puts his arm around me and pulls me out of the stall. 

            “I hate it when they do things like that” I spill.  Zayn nods.

            “I saw it all” he says.  I look at my shoes.  I think I love Kenneth, and I don’t want her to get hurt.  Some of the hate the other lads girlfriends is insane, and I don’t want her to go through that. 

            “What should I do?”  I desperately need his advice.  I’ve never been in a serious relationship before, and I want to make sure I do it right.

            “Ask her out” he replies.  I nod and smile.  Zayn smiles back and we walk out of the washroom.

When we get back to the table, I can see Kenneth was crying.  My heart wrenches with guilt.  But she smiles at me, a new sort of confidence in it.  I smile back, and walk over to her. 

I take her hand and I don’t let go for the rest of the night. 


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