Little Things ( A Niall Horan fan- fiction)

Kenneth has never really felt beautiful. She never felt special or important or confident in herself. But when she decides to audition for The X-Factor, she meets the man of her dreams, and realizes her potential and her beauty.


4. Getting Ready

Niall's P.O.V.


            As soon as we pulled up to the hotel, I jumped out and ran to the hotel room I shared with Zayn and Liam.  I had to get ready; what would Kenneth wear?? I quickly checked my phone.

            Kenneth Is A Smexi Beast <3:  yeah. her name is Summer, she is 17 why?  Great, now Zayn has a date. I typed a response.

           Zayn needs a date, and what color are you gonna wear?  I heard someone open the door.  I turned around to see Zayn.

           "Good news, Kenneth is going to bring her little sister, she's 17." Zayn grunted in response.  

           "What's her name?"  He sounded totally disinterested.  I frowned and stared at him.  He looked away quickly.

           "What's wrong?"  I asked.  I didn't like the way he was acting.  Usually he loved it when he got to meet a new girl.  He wouldn't meet my eyes.  

           "I just dont want to deal with another girl right now." He looked up, a tear sliding down his cheek.  I walked over and put my arm around him.  I led him to the couch, and we sat down.  He put his head in his hands and cried for a few minutes.  I sat there awkwardly, not knowing what to do or say. 

          When he looked up again, his eye were red and puffy.  "I just can't get over her."  I nodded.  After Perrie, I'm surprised he even wanted to do signings.  All the pretty girls we saw there just seemed to annoy him.  But after Perrie  decided to cheat on Zayn, he seemed totally lost.  I didn't know why he still loved her.  

          "Not all girls are like Perrie,"  I reassured him, "I'm sure Summer will be different." Zayn smiled.  I gave him a quizzical look.  

          "I really like the name Summer, maybe she will be alright."  I laughed and nodded my head.  Sometimes his moods change so quickly, i don't have time to react.


          My phone buzzed and I saw that Kenneth had texted me.  Kenneth Is A Smexi Beast <3: hahaha, my sister LOVES zayn! I was planning on wearing green.... ;) tell zayn to wear dark purple.  I replied before standing up.  Zayn is really excited.  Green is a good color.  I like girls who wear green ;).  Then I stood up. 

         “I have to go get ready, you should wear dark purple.”  I smiled at Zayn.  He quirked his eyebrow and nodded. Then he threw a pillow at me. I laughed, and reached down for a pillow. Then I quickly snapped it at him. It hit him right in the chest.  Then I quickly ran to my room laughing. 

        I flopped down on my bed.  I looked down at my phone.  Kenneth Is A Smexi Beast <3:  oh really?? Good lol, im gonna go get ready. Ill text you when im done.  I looked up at the ceiling, with a huge smile on my face.  She likes me! I thought.  I jumped up and ran to my closet. 


Kenneth’s POV. 


            I tapped the send button and ran upstairs to see my sister.  Summer was probably Zayn’s BIGGEST fan.  She seriously knew everything about him.  I banged on her door and ran in.  She was sitting on her bed staring at a poster of Zayn.  She jumped up when she saw me.  Her face had a smile on it. 

           “You were amaZAYN!”  I pulled her into a hug and said thank you.  Then I started jumping up and down.  She pulled back.  “What are you so excited about?”  I just smiled and shook my head. 

            “You’ll find out!” I squealed.  Then I ran out of her room.  “Get changed into your silver dress.  And do your hair really super duper nice!” I shouted as I ran to my room.

            I ran to my closet and flung it open.  My closet was organized by colour.  I pawed my way through red and blue clothes till I got to the green. I went right to my favorite green dress.

           It was the perfect shade of green for my skin.  And it really brought out my eyes.  It cut off just above my knees.  It had a v-neck and was sleeveless. Around the waist it was tight and had a bow.  It was so gorgeous.  I hoped Niall liked it. 

          I slipped into the dress and walked to my bathroom.  I turned on my curling iron and put on my makeup. 

          Twenty minutes later, I looked amazing.  I walked out of my room and down the stairs, where Summer was waiting for me. 

         “Wow, you look amazing!” she told me.  But she looked even better than me.  The dress she was wearing looked so good on her, I wanted to cry. 

         “Not as good as you.” I said with a stutter.  Zayn was going to fall in love with her the second he sees her.  I laughed and hugged her.  Then my phone went off.  

          Ella is mah bestie: im ready, when are you gonna be here?  I smiled inside and thought of her reaction.  Soon, give me a few more minutes.  DING-DONG.   I squealed and ran to the door.  Before I opened the door, I yelled at Summer to go into the living room. 

          “Why?” she whined.  But because she is such a good sister, she went anyway. 

           I opened the door, and all five boys were on my porch.  I smiled as Niall’s eyes bugged out when he saw me. “The great Niall Horan at a loss for words?”  I teased.  He smiled and hugged me. 

          Zayn spoke up, only the second time I heard him speak since we met.  “So where is this lovely sister of yours?”  He bit his lower lip.  I waved them all in.

           “You have to be really quite, she doesn’t know who we’re going with, and neither does Ella.”   I led them into the hallway on our tiptoes.  “Summer, close your eyes and turn away from the doorway!”  We heard a groan and we all stifled laughs.  Then we walked into the living room.  Summer was facing the window. 

            “Can I turn around yet?” 

            “Yes, try not to scream.”  She turned around and, what do you know, she screamed.  She started jumping up and down and waving her hands in front of her face.  All the boys laughed and Zayn walked up to her and gave her a hug.  He kissed her on the cheek and she started to cry. 

            “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!”  She turned to me crying, her mouth moving but not saying anything.  I just raised my eyebrow at her.  I turned and walked out of the room.  Niall followed me. 

            “You look super beautiful, why do you have to be so gorgeous?” I turned, stood on my tip toes, and kissed him on the cheek.  His hand found mine and entwined our fingers. 

           “Let’s go get Ella,” I whispered, “I told her ten minutes fifteen minutes ago.”  He smiled and nodded.  “Ok guys, we gotta go pick up Ella.” I yelled.  The other four boys and my sister walked out. 

          Summer and I slipped on our shoes, and then we all piled into the van. 

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