Little Things ( A Niall Horan fan- fiction)

Kenneth has never really felt beautiful. She never felt special or important or confident in herself. But when she decides to audition for The X-Factor, she meets the man of her dreams, and realizes her potential and her beauty.


2. Dreams come true

Kenneth's P.O.V.


          Oh. My. Gosh.  Standing in front of me were the people I dreamed of meeting.  One Direction.  I quickly looked away, turning even redder.  I heard footsteps, but I was too embarrassed to look up.  I felt fingers on my chin and suddenly I was looking into Niall Horans eyes.

          "You were amazing out there."  He smiled at me and I felt like melting.  I loved the feeling of his hands on my face.  The butterflies in my stomach weren't bad ones, but one that marveled at his gentle touch.  

           "Thanks, I was thinking of you the whole time."  Oh my, did I really just say that out loud?  I mentally kicked myself as all the boys started laughing.  I was the shade of a tomato again.  Luckily, Zayn came to me rescue.  Kind of.  

            "Maybe it would help to lessen your embarrassment if you knew that he stared at you open mouthed the whole time."  Now it was Niall's turn to blush. 

             "Only cause you're so beautiful." he said softly into my ear.  My heart skipped a beat and the butterflies started all over again.  I smiled brightly.  I was glad he couldn't hear what was going on inside my head.  "Want to go to Nando's to celebrate or are you doing something with your family?" Niall asked.  I shook my head.

             "Nando's sounds good."


Niall's P.O.V.


              With six words, one girl changed my whole entire world.  They echoed through my head for the rest of the day.  Thinking of you the whole time.    I couldn't believe I was feeling like that.  I just met her today, and already I was falling for her.  

              "Kenneth, can I have your number so I can call you when we're ready to go to Nando's?"  I had never asked a girl for her number before, and she could probably tell.  Kenneth just smiled and nodded.  I handed her my phone so she could enter her number in.  She was good at pretending not to notice I was a complete idiot.  

              "20-846-1057, "she said while putting in her number. She handed me back my phone.  I smiled when I saw her contact name.   Kenneth Garcia Is A Smexi Beast <3.   She was right though.  She had my heart, but I wasn't gonna ask for it back. 

            “Great, thanks.”  I couldn't think of anything else to say without embarrassing myself.  I didn't want to let her know how I felt just in case she didn't feel the same way. 

            “Okay, we gotta go.” I scowled at Liam.  He just smiled innocently back. 

            “I’ll call you when we’re coming to pick you up, okay?” I asked Kenneth.  She had a shocked look on her face.  Like she couldn't believe she was going to ride in the same car as One Direction.  I laughed.  “What, you never imagined riding in the same car as us?” I teased.

            “I did, I just didn’t think I’d ever get to.”  She was so cute when she blushed.  I mentally shook my head.  You can’t have these feelings for her! I told myself.  Even if she does like you, you’ll never be able to spend time with her. 

            I laughed.  Then I heard Liam cough behind me.  I sighed. I quickly hugged Kenneth and said bye. 

            Right as we were about to leave, Kenneth tapped me on the shoulder.  I turned around.

            “My best friend is a huge fan; could she come with us too?” “She’s always wanted to meet you guys, especially Harry.”  She cocked her head a little and widened her eyes. Holy cow, she is seriously so beautiful.

            “Of course she can come,” I said, “I’m sure Harry would love to meet her.” Kenneth smiled at me with adoring eyes.  I had the urge to kiss her, an urge that I had never had.  I cleared my throat.

            “I’ll call you” I said in a husky voice.  I seriously wanted to kiss her.  She gave me a weird look.  I turned and quickly walked away before I did something I would regret.  I heard a little squeak of surprise behind me but I didn’t turn around. 


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