Lost Words

It was hard to imagine a life without him, even if I had only know him for a year and a half. He was my everything and letting him go was impossible. Here is our story.


1. The new kid

“Jamie!” “Jamie!!” “JAMIE!!!!!” I could hear my mom screaming at me from a distance, she felt so close and yet so far away. I could feel my brain kicking me, telling my body to get up and see what my mom wanted, but it felt so good in my warm comfy bed which was hiding my body from the cold december air that came in through our windows. I slowly got up barely opening my eyes and walked to my parents bedroom. “What?” My voice was groggy and it was hard to even get those words out. “Look at the time!!!” My mom screamed practicly blasting off my ear. I turned toward the alarm clock on their dresser, Holy Shit! “Crap, Mom why didn’t you tell me earlier!” I ran out of their room and into mine, scavaging through my drawers for something to wear. 8:16, I was so screwed I already missed 1st period and 2nd had already started! I ran into the bathroom, did a quick touchup, grabbed my bag, and ran out the door. I threw all my stuff into my car and sped off.

I calmly walked into my 2nd period; Hopeful my teacher wouldn’t single me out. “Ms. Field” The whole class turned toward to me as if they were hypnotized. “Hi Mr. Matthews” I waved to him as I sat in my spot. “Would you like to tell me why you were late to my class?” Seriously, maybe it was a personal issue, even though it wasnt. “I woke up late.” “Exscuse me?” French, one reason why I hated it, you had to say everything in French and if you didn't you usually got in trouble. “ J'ai pété jusqu'à la fin de” He frowned and looked me dead in the eye. “This class is not for jokes, repeat the sentence the correct way or get detention.” I thought about it for a moment and then I realized the mistake i made, I had said I farted up late instead of I woke up late. Kill me NOW!! “Oops, I meant Je me suis réveillé en retard” The class cascaded in giggles as everyone thought about what I had said themselves. “Thank you, Now lets go back to class” I buried my head in my arms, hopeful this thing would blow over.  I turned my body and outstretched my legs so I could rest my feet on the empty seat across from me. Although this time it wasn't empty.

He had to be the cutest guy I had ever seen, not hot, but cute. I quickly apologized and turned my body so I could put my feet on my desk instead. “I’m Jamie” i whispered, “I know ha-ha. I'm Zayn” He smiled the most brightest smile I had ever seen. “Ha-ha, Like One direction! "I giggled to my self. “Yep, sadly” “Nah Zayn's my favorite!” I winked at him at him and quickly turned around. From the corner of my eye i could see he was smiling, but was that a good thing? I was dating someone a really cute, sweet guy. Connor, I loved him so much, we had been dating for almost a year now and continued to have a great relationship. What was the harm, I had flirted with other guys before while we were dating , or had I. I was never serious, I was always casual and I never meant anything by it. Lost in my train thought I barely heard the bell ring until Zayn nudged my arm. “ Have a nice nap?” He laughed to himself. “No, this guy who sits across from me was distracting me!” I pushed him and he pretended that i had punched him! “OWWW I'm bruised for life know!” He pushed back playfully like i had before. “And by the way its not my fault my looks are so distracting!” “Yes it is! It’s your looks!” I stuck my tongue out , this guy was amazing! “So your not denying it!” He smiled and stuck his tongue back. “What?!” I pretended not to understand what he was talking about but it was true. “ha-ha, here's my locker, bye.” “Bye” I was sad he was gone but I was glad he didn't stick around ‘til I got to by locker since Connor was waiting for me. “Hey babe” He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me in kissing me on the lips softly. “Hey.” I opened my locker and grabbed all my stuff for yearbook. “Where were you 1st period, I had to work with that creepy girl.” I glared at him, “Babe don’t, And I woke up late.” I glared at him as he mentioned the creepy girl, I had been good friends with her in elementary school, but when we reached junior high and high school we spilt up. I still thought she was kind and sweet but she had gained a reputation as the creepy girl. “I know, i know sorry she just creeps me out the way she just sits there and stares” He shuddered and looked in the opposite direction, so I stuck my tongue out at him. “Saw that” He smiled and turned back toward me and stuck his tongue out. “Of course you did” I smiled at him and shut my locker. "I got to go to my gym locker. See you at lunch." He leaned in and kissed my cheek and walked off. "See you" I turned around and ran into Zayn. "Wow! That's twice today" He said as he helped steady me from our recent contact. "I can't be myself away from you, Sorry" What was I saying?! I'm really asking for some crap to start with me and Connor. "No worries I like being with you. Got to go, Bye" He walked into his class and I proceeded down the hall. I found my Best friend, Allison who was waiting for me in the doorway to Yearbook. "Who was the that?????" She nudged me as I entered with out answering her question, I turned toward her and smiled, "The new kid."





~ Thanks for reading!!! Please comment any advise and If I should update! ~


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