My big bro Louis Tomlinson

Hi im Elizabeth Tomlinson and i have a brother named louis tomlinson he is very over protective when i date .~what happens when she falls for one of her brothers best mates while dating a guy.....?will one of them fall for her...?~read to find out(one direction not famous) hope you enjoy:)


11. Unexpected guest

*Liz pov*

"ZAYN MADE A GOAL and has good news!!!" Louis shouted . Great perfect momment to get ruined.

"LETS HEAD HOME!!" Louis yelled . I got up and we went home." So whats the news ?" I asked.

" Well are little zaynie boo baby got a little girly friend." Louis said "Aww how cute let meet this little girly friend of his"

" um actually she couldnt make it be-" zayn gt cut off by the door bell.*DING DONG*

we all thought that it was zayns new girl friend when it was the pizza." Who ordered pizza? " louis asked . 

"Finally my pizza is here." Niall said while paying te guy and closing the door."Aww Niall you got us pizza."i said"Your so henerous How sweet of you to know that we were all hungry." Louis said" Um actually i hot this pizza for me but i can order some pizza for you guys if you want" Niall said them the doorbell wenet off.* DING DONG** 

I opened the door and saw someone i havent seen in a long time." Evelin?" I asked "Liz?" She asked . The boys stood up except louis and asked " You guys know each other??" "Yea this is my cousin" i said " I knew it ." I heard zayn say." Why didnt none of you tell me this ??" I asked."i dont know." They both said."were you embarassed to rell the rest i was you cousin?" I asked."Liz no dont think that way its just i dont really know ." Evelin said." Well Ev its nice to see you its been a while." Louis said and hugged her. The last time i saw her was at a shop


" Hes cute." Evelin said and pointed to a guy. I stood up went next to him and said"Hey you cutie my cousin think your cute do you have a number i can give her ." I said while he passed me a paper ." Dude what was that for you can be such an embaressment." She said and looked down then back up to see if peoe were looking while she tried to hide her face." Well i apologize for trying to help." I said and threw the paper at her and left the shop.

** End of Flashback***

Ever since then i havent seen her i wasnt taht mad just a little i told Louis the story but he sai that se probably didnt mean it like that." Liz just get over it it was a long time ago ." She said and sat down." Whats going on?" Zayn said " why dont you ask your new girlfriend i think im too much of and embarassment to say anything." I said an went upstair to my room.


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