My big bro Louis Tomlinson

Hi im Elizabeth Tomlinson and i have a brother named louis tomlinson he is very over protective when i date .~what happens when she falls for one of her brothers best mates while dating a guy.....?will one of them fall for her...?~read to find out(one direction not famous) hope you enjoy:)


14. The Date

(A/N)Hey guys well i havent been able to update latley and i have been having a bunch of words that are spelled wrong and i would like to do a contest for a girl to be harrys ex and cause drama i will put up more infomation tomorrow.:)i would like to give credit to my cousin that has helped me on the last 2 chapters.

*Harry POV*

Me and liz have been getting closer and closer and i think I am falling for her . I never really felt like this for a girl. I mean i haved gone out with lots of girls but theres something about her that i just love.

" Hey Liz can i talk to you in the kitchen?" I asked .

" Sure curly." She said an got up.

*Liz POV*

Me and Harry have been hanging out alot and i think im falling for him. Me and Niall are like best friends now too.

" So what up Hazz?" I asked while sitting down on a stool.

" Well i was thinking would like to........go out for.......a movie or something?" He aske kind of nervoused.

" I would love to what time?" I asked smiling.

" Um hows in 2 hours sound?" He said cheecky.

" Sound great." I said smiling.

" Alright talk to you then." He said smiling and leaving the kitchen. I went upstairs and started to look for an outfit but i didnt know what to wear.


" Whats the matter!!??" He asked panicking.

" I need fashion help !" I squealed. He just rolle his eyes and went in my closet.

" What the event?" He asked.

" Movie date." I said. He pulled out a beige flowery summer dress with a light broen belt around it and some light brown toms and left the room. I got in the shower and did what i had  to do and the put on the clothes. I did t really know how to do my hair so i just put it in a sock bun and left a srand of hair out on both sides and curled them. I wasn't a makeup type of girl so i just put on some mascara and a light brown eye shadow taht really brought out my eyes and some lipgloss. 

"Hello love are you ready?" Harry said as he peaked theough my door.

" Just on time boy." I said smiling." Great." He said and gave me a white rose." Awe Harry thank you its lovely." I said as i put it in a small vase woth water on it." But not as lovely as you." He said smiling. We were walking downsairs and i saw Louis there.

" Alright mister you better bring this young lady back at 10 pm sharp you understand." He said " Yes sir." Harry said as we walked out the door. When we got to the movie Harry didnt tell me what movie we were gonna watch which ended up being mama. It wasnt scary i didnt yel at all but Harry thought that i would, so i decided to act scared and hide my face in his chest a couple of times but i really wasnt scared.

" Hey Curly do you think we can take a walk at the park?" I asked Hary.

" Sure." He said and off we were. 

Once we got thier i ran to the swings and told Harry to push me for a little. After awhile he got on the swing next to me and we tried to hold our hands but it was a big FAIL.I jumped off of the swing and ran to the slide which of corse harry went with me. After that while harry was tying his shoe i ran behind a tree.

"Liz were are you?" He said . He was about to find me when i ran and he spitted me and followed . Ofcourse he was to fast and aught me.

" And you thought you could get away." He whispered in my ear.

" I know i should of thought about it." I sai and sat down cross legged under a tree.Harry soon joined me after going on the swings and jumping off which i recorded and posted on twitter, then he got on te slide and i took a picture if him . I was staring at him looking at the trees which i think he noticed.

" Take a picture love it will last longer." He said and smiled . I pulled out my phone and told him to say cheese . We ended up taking a few pictures like one of him kissing me on the cheek and another of both of us making silly faces and duck faces. After a while we went to a cafe and got some coffe.

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