My big bro Louis Tomlinson

Hi im Elizabeth Tomlinson and i have a brother named louis tomlinson he is very over protective when i date .~what happens when she falls for one of her brothers best mates while dating a guy.....?will one of them fall for her...?~read to find out(one direction not famous) hope you enjoy:)


20. Sickness

*Liz PoV*

Today was friday and i woke up to my stomach hurting real bad and ran to the bathroom and threw up. I got back to my room and got some clothes an took a shower. When i came out i saw Louis sitting on my bed.

" Hey Lou wat are you doing her in my room on my bed ." I said laying down on my bed and holding my stomach.

" Are you okay and Harry said to be ready by noon he left to the store." He said an got up and was heading towards the door.

" I dont thinki can go to the date with Harry im feeling really bad." I said and cloed my eyes

"Ill tell him your not feeling well but are you sure you dont want me to take you to the doctors you look really bad Liz." He said and sat on the edge of my bed. I took me a while to respond and felt the vomate coming up my throat. I ran to the bathroom and came out and passed out.

*Louis POV*

I wa waiting for Liz to answer but she ran into the bathroom and passed out so i took her to the hospital. I was outside of her room and called all the boys Harry and Liam were last since theywere at the store. I was waiting outside of her room amd the doctor came out.

" Is she okay?" I aske the doctor

"Yeah shes fine but she does have thestomach flu she may go home as soon as you fill outthese forms and get her meds." He said and motioned for me to follow him. I did wht i had to and we got home Liz fell asleep on the way here so i took her up to her room.

*Liz pov*

I woke up and saw it was pretty dark outsid and my head was hurting and threw up once again. I went downstairs and saw that only Louis and Harry were home.

" Hey how you feeling ?" Louis asked me 

"Alittle better i guess." I said and and swallowed my pills and sat down on the couch.

" So i guess were going to have to reschedule?" Harry adked me

"yup sorry." I said 

"its okay its not your fault." He said and hugge me .

" I know."i said and my phone lit up in the kitchen since i left it there. I walke towards it and saw it was a message from my best friend since i was 3 .Alex.


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