My big bro Louis Tomlinson

Hi im Elizabeth Tomlinson and i have a brother named louis tomlinson he is very over protective when i date .~what happens when she falls for one of her brothers best mates while dating a guy.....?will one of them fall for her...?~read to find out(one direction not famous) hope you enjoy:)


4. Just add some fun(:

*Liz POV*

So me and the boys wer just fooling around the entire time.Then it was getting late."Hey babe i gotta go ill text u tomaro kay."said jay while he pecked my lips and exite the house."Kay love you."i said with a smile"Love you too!"he yelle back.I went to the living room to go sit down next to Louis and Garry."LOU IM BORED!" I yelled knowing he was right next to me."Liz why scream hes next to you."Harry daid while rubbing his ear."Sorry""LIZ WHY DONT WE PLAY -"i cut him off by platfully slapping him and running up the stairs."LIZ IM GONNA GET YOU BACK SOOOO BAD!!!!".By now i was laughing and almost tripping while running to Louis room."LIZ GRT OUT NOW OR I WILL GO TO YOUR ROOM OR I WILL SHOW THEM THE PICTURE!!!""YOU MADE A DEAL WITH ME THT YOU WOULDNT SHOW ANYONE!!!"I yelled bavk."ALRIGHT THEN BUT GET OUT NOW!!!""OK but ease fon't hurt me when i get out "I begged "FINE"I still wasnt so sure to trust louis so right when i opend the door i was about to run when to boys wer  holding me back .Harry and Louis ."LouBear you said you would hurt me ."i said with a frown and puupy dog eyes."Awww im sorry but i lied."i gasped "YOU MONSTERS!!" "Hey im only helping a mate on revenge ."Harry said with a smirk."What do you mean?"I was sure that they wer taking me to the pool outside."Lou i promise that i wont evr slp you or go in your room plz plz pzl dont do what i think your gonna fo "i sai againg with puppy dog eyes ."Sorry lil Liz"by now they were running down the stairs and taking me to the  pool in the backyard."1.....2.....and 3!!!"louis said as him and Harry swung me then threw me i to the pool.I knew i was gonna get revenge bynessing with them.When i got up to get air i looked at  Louis with dead shark eyes."Aww come on where are those puppy dig eyes."he said with a smile."A shark ate them!" I sapt at him."Easy there pup"i got up and ran i side and up to my room.Right when i got in i dlammed the door shut and took a quick shower and put on a plain blck shirt and sweats i put my hair up in a messy bub."Lil Liz let me in."i heard Louis say ."No i do t wanna see you."i spat out."Please Liz open the door" the obly reason he came to check on me was because he knew when i was sad o rmad i would cut, but ogf course i was faking."No now leave""Liz ima break down your door on the count of 3 if you dont open it 1....2.....3"right when he said 3 i ran and opend the door .Louis flew right in and fell.i was laughing so much i was crying and my stomach was hurting ."Thats not funny you hurt my feelings ""yeah and you hurt mine.""But you did t fall.""But i did get soaked in water""fine i guess wer even""You guys are so crazy and wierd!!"Harry said while cracking up .i nodded towards  Louis and we both ran up to Harry and tackeled him to the floor."OWMY BACK!!""I guess next time you shouldn't laugh at people and call them wierd and crazy."i said with a smile and looked in his eyes .I noticed that he was looking into mine right then i felt a spark between us but i don't know if he felt it too. He had such amazing eyes they were a beautiful emerald green.Snap out of it you have Jay i thought to myself.He was acting kinda wierd latley but i dno't know why."Aliright ima head to bed kissos."Louis daid while he helped me up."Guys alittle help."Harry said i just laughed at him and helped him up."No laughing at people LilLiz."he said i just giggled and sent them out of my roomand fell fast asleep.

*Harry's POV*

Right when i went to the room i was sharing with Louis all i could think about was Liz.I know she had a boyfriend and loved him but i just coulnt atke her out oft head .She ha beautiful brown eyes an when we made eye contact i felt a spark fly between us i wonder if she felt it too.Throughout the entire night i just thought about her.

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