My big bro Louis Tomlinson

Hi im Elizabeth Tomlinson and i have a brother named louis tomlinson he is very over protective when i date .~what happens when she falls for one of her brothers best mates while dating a guy.....?will one of them fall for her...?~read to find out(one direction not famous) hope you enjoy:)


19. I forgive you

*Liz POV*

i woke up the remebered where i was i left a note for my friend and left. I was heading towards a cafe when i saw that i ahd alot of missed calls from Louis and Harry then Harry called again i answered but hesitatdd for a while.

" Hello" i said

"Liz om gosh thank god you answered me and lousi have been so worried about you where are you ? Are you okay?" He asked

"yes im fine and im at a cafe." I said while ordering my order

"Which one im gonna go for you?" He said

" No j can go by myself i brought my car im fine ill be home in a bit bye." I said and hung up.

i got home and opened the door and was attacked by higs and kisses.

" Omy gosh i was so worried about you i missed yku so much amd im soory about snooping i really amd i should give you some space and persoanal lice from now on." Louis said and hugge me." Thanks." I whispered in his ear

"Liz can j talk to you in the kitchen please." Harry said i nodded and walked in te kitchen

"so what do you need ?" I asled him

" im so sorry i should teally stop being so mean to you i guess im just as peotective as lou but i just want you safe and iny arms all the time and i should give you your personal soace once in a while." He said and looked at me in the eyes i could tell he meant it .

" Do you forgive me?And if you do will you still be willing to go on a date with me friday?" He said and pulle out a white rose behing his back

"Yes i do forgive you and yes i will go ona date with you ." I said and smiled an took the rose before i knew it he was kissing me if was a nice kiss with sparks and if was passionate. I heard camera clicks and pulled away and saw all the boys and evelin taking pictures and Louis was recording and posted it on twitter . Oh i hope he lives after his lesson.

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