My big bro Louis Tomlinson

Hi im Elizabeth Tomlinson and i have a brother named louis tomlinson he is very over protective when i date .~what happens when she falls for one of her brothers best mates while dating a guy.....?will one of them fall for her...?~read to find out(one direction not famous) hope you enjoy:)


18. I dont belive you

*Liz PoV*

I woke up and relized that I had srong arms around my waist. I turned around so that i was facing Harry now. He was still sleep and i was just looking at him . He looked so peaceful when he was asleep like a inoccent boy . I got bored staring at him so i started to draw hearts around his heart and all over his chest . My phone lit up and buzzed so that meant i had a new message i checked it and it was from Jaden. It said from: Jaden:Hey can we meet up i have to talk to you i want you to atleast forgive me you dont have to go back out with me atleast be friends with me call me as soon as you read this i miss you soo much and want to talk to you so bad:(. I sighed and thought about it for a while i mean i guess we an be friends i mean everyone makes mistakes right? Ugh i dont know what to do? I thought.

" Go ahead and go talk to him if you promise me nothing will happen." Harry said i thought he was sleeping so that meant he was snooping on me.

" Were you snooping and good morning to you too?" I said and smiled at him.

" I was buf i felt you move and i woke up and saw you staring at something and i was not snooping i was just looking at what you were looking at." He said" Oh and good morning love." He added.

" Ok call it what you want and are tou sure?" I asked him.

" Yeah i mean i trust you and know that nothing bad will happen and i know you atleast want to be friends with him." He said and was heading towards the bathroom door.

" Okay and i promise you nothing will happen." I said and got up and went to my closet.

I got out gray skinny jeans and a plain white shirt and some white converse. After i got ready i texted Jaden and told him to meet me at a cafe and he said okay.


" Hey " jaden said as he opend the door for me at the cafe.

" Hey." I said back we ordered our drinks and sat down.

" So what did you nee to talk to me about?" I asked him

" first i wanted to say that im really sorry the only reason why i did that was because you didnt spend much time with me that much anymore and people were saying that you were dating someone else and at first i did t belive them but than you stopped spending with me so thats when everying started and im still sorry and i shouldnt have done that i should of just gone to you i just feel really stupid because of what i did to you and you deserve better." He said and meant it i saw it through his eyes.

" Well your a lucky boy today because i do forgive you and i kinda felt the same and people were telling me the same and now that i think about it they just didnt want up together." I said

" yul and thank you soo much it really does mean alot." He said and smiled

" yeah i guess we an be friends now " i said

" Yup we will be the best of friends he said and smiled

i jsut giggled at his happiness and thought about all of the goodtimes we had... NO stop i have Harry.We stared talking and catching up on stuff whenwe decided to leave the afe becaus ehe ha to go to work.

* Harry P oV*

 I did trust Liz i jsut didnt trust that Jaden guy he seemed nice but when he broke Liz's heart i didnt trust him anymore , so i decied to go and snoop on them with Louis . Yup i begged him to come with me because i mean he could kidnapper her or something. I saw them exiting the cafe when i jumped to the back of a bush and made noise and so did Lou .

* Liz POV*

 " well i guess ill text you later." Jaden said as he left tk his car

" Kay see you then." I said and waved as he did the same and left. I was going bacm to my car when something mad a loud noise behind the bushes so i decied to go check.

" Harry louis what are you guys doing ?" I ssked them and i knew the were snooping.

" We came to get some coffee ." Louis said

"I cant belive you two dont trust me." I said and turned around

"No liz you have it all wrong we do trust you we dont trust Jaden." Harry said and walked up to me 

"No you dont trust me Harry you lied to me again and Louis what your excuse for snooping huh?" I asked really mad

"I ugh um the same as Harry and its not an excuse its the truth." He said and walked up to me as well.

" No i ant belive you two i guess ill ha e to snoop around you lifes more often to see if i can trist ad eli e you two well have a great no Liz day for today and maybe tomorrow." I said and left. 

I didnt know were to go but then i called up a friend and was staying over at her house.

* Harry POV*

I cant belive she didnt belive me she didnt een say were she was going i tried texting amd callin her alot but she didntt pick up i just hope shes fine were ever shes at.

* Louis POV*

Wow she left she really didnt belive me i tried calling her and texting her but she didnt answer. I hope she okay.

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