My big bro Louis Tomlinson

Hi im Elizabeth Tomlinson and i have a brother named louis tomlinson he is very over protective when i date .~what happens when she falls for one of her brothers best mates while dating a guy.....?will one of them fall for her...?~read to find out(one direction not famous) hope you enjoy:)


9. HES WHAT!!!!????!!

*Louis POV*

Its been a year since i left and i have been so lost and feel alone.I know if i went back they wouldnt want so i decided to commit suicide.i wrote a note to everyone I know and love."well this is it."i said to myself and thsoe were the last words i said before i died.

*Emily POV*

 I have been so worried about Louis for that past year i miss him soo much and need him with me . I havent talked to the boys 3 months after what happend . I was into my thought about me and Louis best times we ever had when i heard a knock on the door. I sniffled and got up and opend the door . I saw 4 guys that i havent seen in a long time.

"What are you guys doing here ?"i asked suprised

" We ane to tell you"Zayn was cut off by Liam.

"Louis committed suicide." He said very sad.

"HE WHAT!???!!?" I was so sad and depressed."They found him in a apartment  last night ."Liam said softly but sad.

" I ant believe he dd that we promised each other we would never do that when we were kids." I said between sobs.

-------------- One Week Later----------------

Today was the funeral .It was so sad to see louis in a white coffin. I never seen the boys so sad in my life . I felt so bad. I got up to say a few words them after that we went to go outside an burry him . I was so sad and right there was half of my life being burried .


So thats the end guys hope you liked it!!!:)

_________im just kidding April gools day everyone!!!:)

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