My big bro Louis Tomlinson

Hi im Elizabeth Tomlinson and i have a brother named louis tomlinson he is very over protective when i date .~what happens when she falls for one of her brothers best mates while dating a guy.....?will one of them fall for her...?~read to find out(one direction not famous) hope you enjoy:)


22. Girlfriend

*Liz pov*

I was kind of worried by what he meant so i just put the negative aside.

" Hey liz something wrong?" Harry asked  as he walked in my room.

" Nothing just lots in thoughts " i said as I turned and looked at him coming to sit on my bed.

" Liz i know your lieing tell me whats the matter " He said politely. So i told everything even about me being worried about that and when i was done i got a text from lou.

from c: BooBear: Hey me and the boys are out to a club Harry wanted to stay with you cause he said you looked down and wanted to have some alone time with you;) anyways if you need anything im here lol ( lots of love) c:

I smiled at the txt and just said that i luv him to and said thank h to him .

" He really cares about you huh?" Harry asked with a smile

"Of course he does and i love him to pieces he my brother and i love him even when we have our ups and downs." I told him and smiled.

"Well Elizabeth tomlinson would you like tto have a movie date with me tonight?"

" Well Mr.Edward i woulnt like that i would love that ." I told him and ran downstairs. We ordered pizza and were about to watch fast five one of the best movies i ever seen. We were half way through the movie and Harry asked a wonder question.

" Elizabeth i was wondering if you would make me a very happy british boy and be my girlfriend?" Harry asked me in such a serious tone an was smiling pretty nervous.

" I woul love to be your girlfriend." I told him and kissed him very passionate.


******A/N.  hey guys i made a new movella its called Another Cinderella story you guys should read it...*********

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