Yours. (A Niall Horan FanFic)

This all starts when Dana goes to Niall's party. She is always around him and the boys but he doesn't seem to notice. During the party, Niall starts to like her. He starts getting stronger feelings...but is it getting out of hand?


1. Chapter 1.

         I saw my cousin lick icing off Niall's nose. How do I know him you ask? I don't know him personally. She invited me to his birthday party. I sighed as I drank some sprite. Someone tapped my shoulder, Louis. " why are you sitting alone Dana?" He asked sitting next to me. I shrugged. " Alli brought you here with her?" He asked. I nodded. " Don't be shy! Come with me." He said. I stood up with him and went towards the V.I.P section where the party was held. " Hey Dana!" Liam said giving me a smile. I returned it as I moved my bangs out of my face. " Hello Dana!" Eleanor said giving me a hug. I hugged her back. They knew I was really shy but I never seemed to be around Niall alot because he is either in the kitchen or out when me and Kate would go over. I came from America a few years ago and moved with my cousin Kate. she is 20 and I moved in.

           I kept quiet as music was blasting and people were talking. " why so quiet?" Zayn asked. " I don't really like being in clubs." I said. He sat next to me. " I wouldn't blame you." He said. Niall came past us. " Niall." Zayn shouted. He turned around and his blue eyes locked into mine. " I want you to meet someone." Zayn said. " Alright." niall said. " This is Kate's cousin Dana. the one I have been talking about to you." He said. " Nice to finally meet you." He said giving me a hug. My heart was racing. I never had a boy hug me. " You too and Happy birthday." I said giving him a smile. The Maz brought out the cake with lighten candles. " Make a wish man." Maz said. Niall closed his eyes for a few seconds then blew out the candles. Maz smashed the cake on him and I jumped back. I covered my mouth as we all started laughing.

           Conor and Anth came to the party. " Danaaa!" conor said hugging me. " conorrr!" I said back. " Hey!" Anth said giving me a hug. " Hey." I said back. " you guys should sing!" Kate said. " Since Niall is the birthday boy..." conor said laughing. " He gets to pick." Conor said. Niall nudged me. " You pick a song." He said. " Awww Dana is going to pick!!" conor said. " How about headphones." I said. " Great choice." anth said.

          Kate was drunk as hell. " Lou can you drive me home?" I asked. " She drinked a lot?" He asked. " Yea." I said. " sure. eleanor i'm gonna bring Dana home." Lou said to El. " alright."She said. I gave the rest a good bye and I couldn't find Kate and Niall...


           I saw Niall come out of Kate's room. " You guys didn't do it did you?" I asked. "no, I just needed to talk to her." He said. " You want anything to drink or to eat?" I asked. " Can I have a few pancakes?" He asked. " Help yourself but leave the last two for me or I will hurt you." I said pouring him a glass of orange juice. I put the glass on the counter as I saw Kate come out of bed. " Morning." I told her. " holy sh*t...can you give me the advil?" She asked. I got them out of the drawer and took one out of the bottle and gave her a waterbottle. " I don't know how you guys can drink." I said. " you don't?" Niall asked. I shook my head. I saw the plate of pancakes empty. " Niall." I said. " Good luck. she is gonna kill you." Kate said. " Shit sorry!" He said. " I will let you off with a warning this time but next time I will hurt you." I said.

             " what are you doing today?" Niall asked. " I planned sitting on the couch and watch movies." Kate said. " Dana?" He asked. His eyes locked with mine again. " Nothing really." I said. " Me and the boys are going to a amusement park. you girls gonna come?" He asked. " Dana can go. I don't like roller coasters." Kate said.

          I put on my short shorts then slipped on my new supras. I went through the hallway and saw Niall waiting for me by the door. " I will see you later then Kate." I said. " Alright." she said hugging a pillow. " After you." niall said opening the door. " thank you." I said. I went through and there was a van with the door open. " Dana!" Louis shouted as Niall first went in the van. " There isn't enough room..." Liam said. " she can sit on Niall lap!" Harry said laughing. My face burned up as I went into the van and sat on his lap. " You like sitting on his lap don't ya." Louis said winking. " I am going to smack you." Liam said to Louis. " Well then. I will get the spoons." Louis said as we pulled out of the driveway. " Carry on." Liam said.

             Girls were screaming as we went out of the van. " I think I will go on the biggest one of the roller coasters first." niall said. " what about you?" He asked. " I am not a really big fan of rollar coasters." I said putting on my sunglasses. " pleaseeee." Niall begged " She is gonna give in. No one resists his pout." Zayn said. " Im not giving in." I said looking away.  He turned to that direction and gave me the same pout. " fine..." I said giving up. " yay!" Niall said. He took my hand and he made me run in line.

              I put the metal bar down and out my hands on it. " I don't think I can do it." I said. Niall slipped his hand in mine and I felt butterflies. " You can do it." He said giving me a reasuring smile. The rollercoaster began to move.

            I was throwing up in the trash bin as Niall held up my hair. " you alright?" Niall asked me. I nodded and he handed me a bottle of water. " thanks." I said. " Not a problem." He said. I drank a bit of the water. " I don't think we should go on anymore roller coasters." He said laughing as we started walking. I smiled and nodded. " Let's play 20 questions." He asked. " You could go first." I said. " do you have a favorite food?" He asked. " I love food. there is no favorite of mine." I said. He nodded and asked another. " Favorite color?" He asked. " Green." I said. " turn off's." He asked. " Really Niall?" I asked. " yes! answer." He said. " When a guy ignores a girl when she is talking to him." I said. Niall stared around. " ohhh your meannn." I pouted. He let out a loud laugh. " turn on?" He asked. " A loud laugh and a nice personallity." I said. 

             This was the last question. " What do you like in a guy." He asked. " I like someone who gives me a bit space on what I do. I never been in a relationship." I said. " Really?"  He asked. I nodded. " continue." He said. " I don't want anyone up in my face like oh my gawd I could get any girl! you know what I am saying." I said. " yea!" He said. " I don't want anyone too pushy. and I don't want to be the one controling the relationship either." I said. " one more question." He asked. " Alright." I said.. " Would you like someone like me?" He asked. I nodded. " yea." I said. " So I might have a little chance." He said. " You have a 50 50 chance." I said. " a half and half chance? awww." He said. " Because everytime me and Kate come over your by the kitchen." I said laughing. " How come your not this open up to the rest of the guys?" He asked. " I don't really know...I feel like I can tell you anything but." I said. " But what?" He asked. "I need to learn more a bit about you because I don't want this friendship to be like, what ever and we never talk to eachother." I said. " nooo." He said. " Friendship is built on trust right?" I asked. He nodded. " We  need to build that trust so our friendship can be strong." I said. " Alright." He said. " Andd onee little thing." I said. He locked his eyes into mine. " Save me pancakes everytime you decide to come over." I said laughing. " alright." He said giving me a side hug.

          *Niall's P.O.V*

       There was still more I wanted to figuare out about her. She is smart, she doesn't load her face with makeup like others. She wasn't too in my face, I am actually starting to like her a bit more than a friend. Then she gave me the questions.

               " what do you like in a girl?" She asked. Her brown eyes locked in mine. " Someone who is like you." I said giving her a smile. Her cheeks turned red and she quickly faced forward. She is cute when she blushs. " why don't we see who can knock those three bottles and get a toy." She asked. " I will not win." I said. " It's worth a try." She said shrugging. We went to the next booth with the bottles. She took out a dollar. " I got it." I said. I handed him two dollars. " you didn't have to do it." She said. " I wanted too." I said. " Who is gonna go first?" The lady asked. " she is." I said. She looked at me. I stepped back and gave her a smile.

              I hit the bottles and won. " I let you win." She said. " Which prize?" the lady asked. " The big teddy bear please." I said. She picked it up and handed it to me. " You let me win?" I asked. " yea." she said laughing. " This bear is for you." I said.

        *Dana's P.O.V*

           " this bear is for you." He said handing it to me. " your pretty cheesy." I teased. He clutched his shirt. " That hurt!" He said sarcasticly.I shook my head and didn't help but smile. " Heyy!" Liam said. " Hey." both of us said. " aww who got you that teddy bear?" Liam asked. " Niall did but I let him win." I said. " the other lads are by the ferrie wheel with Conor and Demi." Liam said.

             Niall hugged Demi. I felt a bit jealous. " Demi this is our friend Dana." Niall said. " Nice to meet you Demi." I said. " you too!" she said. Turn Around by Conor then came on. " conor it's your song." I said. " Dance with me!" He said. I shook my head as Louis took my teddy bear. Conor took my hands and we stepped to the sides also skipping. My face heated up as the boys and Demi were laughing. " Come on Dana!" Conor said. MY face was probably bright as a tomato. I shook my head. " It's alright...maybe next time..."he said fake crying. " Don't cry!" I said hugging him. " It hurts being rejected!" He shouted. I went back to the boys. " you betrayed me!" Conor said wraping his arms behind me around my neck. " your gonna choke the poor girl." Liam said.

            I went inside their huge house. My phone started ringing and someone took it out of my backpocket: Niall. " Hey Ne-yo!" He said. I set the teddy bear down. " Can I see my phone please?" I asked. He nodded and handed me my phone. " Hey man." I said. " Hey Dana what's up!" He said. " I am here with the boys plus Conor and Demi." I said. " Listen...ermm... one of my singers for my Uk tour can't make it and I wonder if you can sing." He asked. " For pitbull and the rest of the parts?" I asked. " Yea. Only in london tonight. You need to come now if you wanna practice." He said. 

            The boys quickly showed me where the stage was. " Hey!" Ne-yo said giving me a hug. " I don't know if I can really sing." I said. " We can go in the studio and sing a song there." He said. I nodded and followed them through the door.

             " MIss independant." I said. " Only me and one of the other boys will listen to you alright?" He said. I nodded. The song started going then I started singing.

               I went of the the room. " you were amazing." Ne-yo said. " Never heard a voice like that." Niall said. " You wanna hear?" Ne-yo asked. I nodded and he tossed me a pair of headphones. He started the recording.

              " Just this once pleaseee." Ne-Yo begged. I gave in. " I'll do it." I sighed. " thank youuu!" He said.


      I was pacing. I couldn't do it. Niall grabbed my shoulders. " Quit pacing! you can do it!" He said. My eyes locked in his and I loosened up a bit. Ne-Yo started talking, " I want you guys to meet my friend Dana." He said. I let out a whimper. " Your not getting out of this love. Just go." Niall said. He left go  off my shoulders and I nodded. I went on stage the the crowd got wild.

             *Niall's P.O.V*

         " How come she talks to you more than any of us?" Harry asked. " She trusts me." I said. The Conor came in. " Hey guys!" He said. " Hey." We all said. " who is on stage with Ne-yo?! she sounds amazing!" Conor said. " It's Dana." Harry said. He looked at the stage as they were singing. " Holy sh*t!" He said. " You gonna perform with him too?" Liam asked. " Yea. plus I had to sing with Rita but she couldn't make it." He said. The song ended and Dana came back still shaking. " you did amazing!" Conor said. I gave him a weak smile as I sat down. " you alright?" Niall asked. I shook my head, " She has pretty bad stage fright." Liam said. " you don't say Liam!" Louis said. " I'll be right back." I said. I was starting to get dizzy as I walked out.

       I started shaking again by the door. Someone came down the hall way and grabbed me. I elt out a scream.

           *Harry's P.O.V*

         We all heard a scream and went through the door finding Dana on the floor in a puddle of blood. Niall quickly picked up her fragile body as Zayn whipped his phone out.

       *Niall's P.O.V* 

       Her fragile body was just laying on the bed motionless. More tears trickled down my cheeks. " Which one of you is closest to her?" the nurse asked. " Niall you go." Harry asked. I nodded as I got up and followed her in the hall. " Good news. she will be alright." The nurse said. I nodded. " But the bad news the one who stabbed her gave her a broken rib and she needs more blood." the nurse said. I noticed the paper said Dana Payne... " Excuse me a minute." I said going back into the room. " Liam." I choked out. " yea?" He said. " she's your little sister or cousin." I said.

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