WOW!!!How Did THIS Happen?

Aothers note: Sorry people ive never been really good at the 'about the story' part but i will try.

Michelle didnt expect this to happen. Neither did Jay,Lauren, or Eric. Jay and Lauren had been together for months how wouldnt michelle know Lauren is her best friend, but when Michelle and Jay actully started becoming friends and stated getting to know each other things changed.

Note: Im going to make little profiles of the charaters first before i post anything.



AGE:18 HEIGHT:5'5 WEIGHT:110 EYES:Dark Brown HAIR:Sholder Length/Dark Brown Hi, im Michelle Sanchez. I've had this crush on Jay since the 7th grade. I didnt know why though. I never even really know him. He's my best friends boyfriend so i've started to get to know him. I think i know why i like him now. I feel so bad though because i like eric to. I don't why i would like Jay over eric. I've like eric for a much longer time. This is starting suck. It's also going to get me into a crazy shit storm because Jay and Eric are best friends. Eric has know for along time that i like him anf he said from day one he's liked me back, but if Jay ever finds out about my feelings for him and ends up feeling the same way they'll......well who know what they'll do.
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