Meeting the Brothers Part One

Jill Horan and Brooke Tomlinson have been best friends ever since their bothers' band, One Direction, had been formed. There was only one strange thing: Jill had met every member of the band execpt Louis, and Brooke had met every member except for Niall. What will happen when they finally meet?


7. Seeing an Old Friend

Jill's P.O.V.


Once we were inside the Mall, Brooke and I found the Food Court. Brooke wasn't hungry, I was. (Ofcourse! I'm Niall Horan's sister, I'm always hungry!) When we got there I ordered a salad, and Brooke watched me eat it. I don't mean like glancing at me every once in a while and talking. She was just staring.

"Er, Why're you staring at me...?" I asked wiping my mouth, just in case there was food on it.

"You and Niall are definetly related! You are both total hogs!" She said laughing.

I rolled my eyes and continued eating. Once I was finished, I threw away my garbage and Brooke and I were about to leave the Food Court, when someone called us from behind.

"JILL, BROOKE, WAIT!!!" I turned around to see Harry.

"HARRY!!!" Brooke and I yelled at the same time.

We ran over to him and gave him a big hug. Harry and I were close friends and he could always make me feel better no matter what.

"Hey! Who wants to meet my girlfriend?" Harry asked. We nodded and he stepped aside to reveal a girl with light blonde hair, fair skin, and blue eyes. It was Megan! She is my cousin who might as well be my sister.

"MEGAN!!" I yelled running to her and hugging her tightly. Brooke and Harry just stood there confused.

"Harry, you're dating my cousin Megan! She is like my sister!" I screamed extatic. He just laughed and gently swung his arm around Megan's shoulders and pulled her close to him. She giggled a bit, and then gave him a soft kiss on the cheek.

"Well, Brooke and I would love to stay and chat, but we both have dates to get ready for." I said.

"Ooh, who with?" Megan and Harry asked in unison.

"Me with Niall, and Jill with Louis." Brooke stated.

"So basically, just going on dates with each other's brothers, right?" Harry asked and Brooke and I nodded laughing.

We said bye to Megan and Harry, and we walked to the hair salon to get ready. This is gonna be a good day!

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