Meeting the Brothers Part One

Jill Horan and Brooke Tomlinson have been best friends ever since their bothers' band, One Direction, had been formed. There was only one strange thing: Jill had met every member of the band execpt Louis, and Brooke had met every member except for Niall. What will happen when they finally meet?


3. Nerf Fight!!!

Louis' P.O.V.

I watched Niall take my sister into the kitchen and shut the door. That kinda worried me... I mean I trust him but still... It's my sister! I think Jill noticed me staring because she laughed and said, "He won't do anything to her I promise. Well actually..."

"ACTUALLY WHAT?!" I yelled and Jill immediately stopped laughing.

"Louis you know I was just joking right.....?" She asked timidly. Oh no! I just met her, and I've already screamed at her. Crap.

"O-oh... I am sorry, Jilly" I said. I liked that nick-name. I am quite impressed with myself!

"Huh? Jilly? I kinda like that..." Jill said nodding her head in an approving way.

I laughed and tried to think of a way that I could start a conversation with someone so beautiful... Wait, I could tell her she's beautiful! But how...

"You are really beautiful, Jilly" I said my mind getting ahead of me.

Jill blushed and looked up at me. She looked kinda like a girl version of Niall, but cuter... Niall never really blushed but when he did he looked just like her.

"Hey, Lou Lou, I've got an idea!! A brilliant one!" Jill squealed.

"What! What!" I said mimicking her voice.

She giggled and motioned for me to follow her. We walked towards a closet and she handed me a Nerf vest with targets on it and a large Nerf gun. She grabbed a vest and a Nerf gun for herself and we walked back towards the kitchen. We prepared to burst through the door and Jill counted to three.

"Ready? One, two, THREE!!!" she screamed as we burst through the door. Niall and Brooke immediately fell to the ground.

"WERE YOU TWO EAVESDROPPING ON US?!" Jill asked and they both nodded. Jill rolled her eyes, but then a sly grin appeared on her face. She looked to me and we both began to run and scream, "NERF FIGHT!!!!" Niall quickly found he and Brooke vests and guns.They chased after us and Jill and I were laughing like crazy! Niall grabbed Brooke's hand, but I didn't mind. All of a sudden, Jill fell to the ground  and screamed, "I've been hit! Louis help me!"

I ran over to her and picked her up bridal style and ran out of the door and behind Niall's house. When I finally sat her down I decided to do something that I hoped would end well.

"Um..Hey Jilly... Do you think you...might....want to go on a date with me tomorrow...?" I asked hopefully.

Jill smiled and happily replied, "I'd absolutely love to, Lou Lou."

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